Willmott’s Ghost in Seattle

Our colum “ When food creates spaces” takes us today to the Willmott’s Ghost, in Seattle. The latest restaurant from James Beard Award winning chef Renee Erickson and partners, opened insid The Spheres, Amazon‘s headquarters in Seattle whose glass domes contain offices and botanical gardens.

Named for the flowering plant botanist Ellen Willmott would surreptitiously plant in friendsʼ yards and in public places, Willmottʼs Ghost focuses on the flavors of Rome and Italy at large.

Willmott’s Ghost Cookery

Willmott’s Ghost- cookery-Renee-Erickson

One of the country’s most acclaimed chefs, Renee Erickson is a James Beard award winning chef. Her kitchen refers to Italy, with its culinary products and its tradition.

Her vision is filled with seasonal and personal menu.  Pink and pastel colors paint the dishes, reflecting the style of the restaurant, recalling its colors and its details. Focaccia, Rome’s rustic street pizza, radicchio salad, fried bites and tiramisù. These are just some of the fabulous dishes that you can taste in this restaurant.

Willmott’s Ghost Interiors

Amazon- Spheres-Seattle

The interior design project t is a work of the Seattle studio Heliotrope Architects with the collaboration with the interior design firm Price Erikson.

The real challenge of this project, certainly the most difficult, was knowing how to adapt the interior spaces with the curved structure of the building that houses them. In fact, the furnishings are inspired by the surrounding geometries and the large spaces of modern art galleries.

All the furniture are,furthermore, custom made to adapt and conform to the structure at its best. The rounded walls, the curved tops and the sinuous shapes envelop the restaurant creating a welcoming and bright atmosphere.

Willmott’s Ghost -Interiors

The materials chosen recall the Italian tradition as well as the colors. White marble, pink and mint green tiles are the predominant colors.
Wooden tables and chairs warm up the spaces, while the brass details of the shelves and suspension lamps give the room a brilliant and glamorous touch.

 Willmott’s Ghost -Interiors-materials-details


Client : Willmott’s Ghost-Sea Creatures Restaurant Group
Location : Amazon Spheres-Seattle
Architects:: Heliotrope Architects
Designer: Price Erickson
photocredits: Kevin Scott
Amber Fouts