When Food creates spaces: Renè Redzepi and The Noma

 Renè Redzepi and The Noma

And here we are at the third appointment with our column “When food Creates spaces” dedicated to the most famous restaurants in the world and that goes in search of the balance between food and restaurant design.

Today we are in the Danish capital Copenhagen and the restaurant is the Noma, founded by the starred chef Renè Redzepi, designed together with the architectural studio BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group and the designer David Thulstrup.

A project with great attention to details, where food and design give life to new emotions and sensations.

The Noma’s cookery

Noma's cookery

Chef Renè Redzepi’s cuisine is highly experimental. His restaurant, two michelin stars, has been named world’s best restaurant for 4 times. It offers three different gastronomic experiences over the course of the year, related to the seasons and the territory.

The Seafood Season is a celebration of Scandinavian seafood; The Vegetable Season is a journey in plants kingdom, where we can find a complety vegetarianian and vegan menu, made only by the freshest ingredients of the ground.

From October to December we can find the Game & Forest Season, when meat play a starring role in the menu, enriched by forest products, berries, mushrooms, nuts, and all of the wild plants.

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“That’s how people make sense of a meeting: they eat something. If they were in a sad moment it would be the same thing, they’d be eating something. It’s what makes life fun. We don’t need it to be delicious or great or all these things if we’re just to survive. But it’s one of those things that makes life fun, livable. And the more I submerge myself in it, the more fun I seem to have”
Renè Redzepi

Noma Restaurant design

Noma's architecture and design

The Noma restaurant is located inside a former mine storage warehouse of the Danish navy. The BIG Studio team has created eleven separate rooms, each with a destination of use, all connected by paths with glass ceilings that revolve around a central core: The kitchen.

The Noma is certainly the result of a winning collaboration between professionals. Everything has been tailor-made with artisans and companies under the guidance of Designer David Thulstrup. Tables and chairs, as well as the kitchen and lighting are the result of a contemporary reinterpretation of Scandinavian design.

Architecture and Design come together in a unique and refined style. The structural elements and the furnishing elements are designed in oak wood and together create a perfect balance. Everything in fact is modern and fresh, but also rustic.

 “Everything is carefully selected, curated or designed and nothing screams more than the other. The whole thing has this sense of coherence
and a very 360 degrees holistic approach,”
David Thulstrup

Creativity, experimentation, raw materials linked to the region in a magical and welcoming setting that makes you feel at home.

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Lucrezia Cirasa

Client : Noma Restaurant
City: Copenaghen
Chef: Renè Redzepi
Architect:  Studio BIG
Designer: David Thulstrup.
Photo credits
:Irina Boersma, Jason Loucas