Massimo Bottura and the Dubai Restaurant “Torno Subito”

Massimo Bottura -Torno Subito-Dubai

And here we are with the fourth appointment of our column When Food Creates Spaces. In previous articles we took you around Italy, New York and Copenaghen on a journey through different culinary arts and design restaurants.

Today we are instead in Dubai, in the new restaurant of one of the most famous chef in the world: Massimo Bottura. The news of the opening of his first restaurant outside the Italian borders could not fail to intrigue us. So now we take you to discover together the new “Torno Subito“.

Bottura’s cookery

Massimo Bottura's dishes

Chef Massimo Bottura certainly needs no introduction. It is indeed known worldwide for its restaurant Osteria Francescana. A three Michelin star restaurant based in Modena, Italy, which has been listed in the top at The World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards.

“Since I was a kid I was Massimo Bottura. I was escaping from my older brother under the table in the kitchen and from down there, where my grandmother was defending me, in the meantime she was rolling pasta, i was looking at the world from another point of view.

It’s what we do in Osteria Francescana every day.

His cuisine is minimalist and contemporary. The chef says that all his dishes are always born from an idea. A color, a melody, a memory of tradition, a lived experience or a mix of different cultures. All this turns into dishes, through food and creates culinary masterpieces.

His artistic culture plays an important role in his vision of cooking, it is infact  what drives the chef and leads him to discover new horizons and possibilities.

Massimo Bottura’s dishes are now legendary: for example his famous Tortellini Walking on Broth, the Five Ages of Parmigiano Reggiano and also Memory of a Mortadella Sandwich, linked to the memories of when he was a child.

  • Massimo Bottura - Dishes
  • Bottura-Five-ages-of-Parmigiano-Reggiano
  • Bottura-tortellini-walking-on-broth
  • Bottura-Oops-I-dropped-the-lemon-tart
  • Bottura-dishes

“I am Massimo Bottura. I close my eyes and I want to understand where I am, cooking is about emotion, it’s about culture,

it’s about love, it’s about memory.”

The Restaurant design

Bottura Dubai restaurant torno subito

Bottura chose the city of Dubai for its foreign venue, more precisely the hotel W Dubai  – The Palm on the island of Palm Jumeirah. He take his guests on a nostalgic journey on the Riviera of the 1960s.

The name of the restaurant “Torno Subito” infact  was chosen by the chef in memory of the signs that were often displayed in the windows of Italian shops when the merchants were absent for the break.

The Bishop Design studio, founded by Paul Bishop in 2004, realize the project. Bishop designed ” Torno Subito” perfectly recreating the concept of a day on the beach, between sun, good food and relaxation.

  • Massimo Bottura Dubai restaurant- torno subito
  • Massimo Bottura Dubai restaurant- torno subito
  • Bottura Dubai restaurant- torno subito
  • Bottura Dubai restaurant- torno subito

The restaurant’s interiors are lively and colorful. Everything infact communicates carefree and fun. The use of different materials, in the furnishings but also in the coverings of walls and ceilings helps to make the atmosphere dynamic and fun.

Pastel colors, geometries, black and white flooring, lamps and the play of light bring us back over time, to relive the memories of the Italian tradition of the 60s

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Lucrezia Cirasa


Chef: Massimo Bottura
Location:The W Hotel, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.
Design: Bishop Design
Photocredits: Alex Jeffries