The japanese philosophy of wabi sabi

wabi sabi philosophy

Wabi Sabi is an ancient aesthetic philosophy rooted in Zen Buddhism. The acceptance of the transience of things is the main concept of this way of thinking. The expression comes from two characters. The first is Wabi, the concept that drives us to live in harmony with nature. The second, Sabi, instead refers to the slow and inexorable flow of time, the acceptance of things that evolve appreciating even in imperfections.

Wabi Sabi home

wabi sabi home

How to apply this concept to our houses? Definitely choosing authentic furnishings, with the “imperfection“, as their main feature. The imperfection is  caused by passing time that gives value to things

Thinking about the meaning of that particular piece of furniture as well as its aesthetic side is a fundamental concept for this particular home style.

Wabi Sabi home is a lived, harmonious, simple home.

The spaces are warm and welcoming, because of the use of natural colors and materials. Wood and stone are the main architectural materials, while bamboo, natural fibers and raw fabrics such as linen and wool are used in details and small objects.


wabi sabi nature

Nature is the protagonist of the wabi sabi house. You can enrich the spaces with plants such as orchids or lavender dried and then hung on the walls to fill the house with a reshaping aroma.

Even the colors are inspired by nature, those used in fact are gray, turtledove, green and blue in all their shades.

In short, those who choose this style definitely need balance and serenity. How to find it? looking for beauty in small things.

wabi sabi interior style