Traditional Bathroom_our project for a simple bathroom

A competition becomes the opportunity to think and plan the bathroom of the future. Five themes on which to vary the same plan. 5 different challenges, characterized by the same container to be shaped. Today we want to introduce you to the first one: the pink garden. The request was to configure the bathroom, inventing a theme. What better time to configure spaces, characterizing them through tradition?

The concept

Traditional Bathroom_concept

The project takes place from the will to remember our tradition: material, colors and shapes. Everything in this bathroom is traditional. The project, therefore finds its inspiration in those days spent at the sea with our families. Simple and sincere values. A deep contact with our souls, surely. A project with deep impact with our emotions.

The space

Traditional Bathroom_plan and section

These concepts are translate, as a result, into a traditional bathroom. Simple spaces that have a great aesthetic, but also a functional design. Two are the elements that design this environment: fresh and relaxing light blue tiles and simple materials with neutral tones. Cozy and harmonious, this traditional bathroom makes us feel at home. It binds us, as a result, to the traditions of our places, that have for everyone an emotional meaning.

  • Traditional Bathroom_top view
  • Traditional Bathroom_front view1
  • Traditional Bathroom_front view2

What do you think about it? What are the traditions of your Country? Tell us in the comments. If you want to see more of our project, here you can find some of them.

What will be the next project? See you soon!

Lucrezia & Ortenca

Maison Elle Interiors