Three Decor Ideas

Three decor ideas for your wall

A white wall, an empty environment and the dilemma of having to choose between an infinite number of solutions. But which one will be the most suitable for our interiors? Which one will be able to fully express the potential of our room?

Today we want to talk about walls and decorations. We have therefore selected three decor ideas that can be optimal solutions for our wall. Three different styles, that takes place from different ways of conceiving and furnishing the space, but which are surely able to give undisputed character to our environment. Everything clearly depends on personal tastes and the desired final effect!

Let’s discover together the three decor ideas for your wall, that we’ve selected!

1_Wooden stripes

Three decor ideas_wooden slates_1

Among the three decor ideas, we find the wooden slats. Choosing this solution for one of our walls means first of all focusing on a cozy and warm look. For those who love to make every environment enveloping and able to put anyone at ease.

This solution is suitable for any environment, from the living room, to the bedroom, to the bathroom. The wooden slats will be able to create not only a fascinating game of shades, but also an interesting play of volumes, thanks to the full-empty alternation.

Three decor ideas_wooden slates_2


Three decor ideas_wallpaper_1

The second, among the three decor ideas, there is wallpaper. This is surely the simplest and fastest solution to obtain the result, but no less functionality or less visual impact. The new wallcoverings give really surprising results, also because they have decorations that satisfy every request and are difficult to obtain.

Also in this case, the wallpaper certainly represents a solution suitable for any environment, even the bathroom. The proposals are varied and able to satisfy any taste. It goes from soft versions, which prefer very delicate colors and designs to extracolor versions, where tones, geometries and designs with a strong visual impact are mixed.

Three decor ideas_wallpaper_2


Three decor ideas_material_1

The last of the three decor ideas is the most natural and green of all. The choice falls in fact on the material, especially the raw earth. A natural product able to fully satisfy even the most demanding. This finish can in fact be presented in several colors and versions. You can opt for a natural rough effect or for a more refined and decorated one.

The raw earth is a material of ancient tradition, which becomes of absolute contemporaneity. It is a mix of clay and inerts, which together create a chromatic, tactile and functional variety. This solution is also suitable for any room in our home.

Three decor ideas_material_2

Now we have only choose the right one for our environment.  By which one do you feel more inspired? By the warm tones of the wood? The originality of the wallpaper? Or by the material naturalness of the raw earth? Let us know in the comments.

Let yourself be inspired by our projects. Lucrezia and Ortenca!