It is the most renovated room ever. There are many reasons, but two stand out above all. The will, first of all, to personalize this space to make it multifunctional and efficient. Secondly, the will to combine relaxation and wellness with the most efficient and functional solutions.

The common thread that characterizes the bathroom is the aesthetic research in every detail. For this reason we have decided to dedicate a column to this environment, in order to be able to face the different areas, that are part of it, through a series of appointments Today we’ll see another important element:.the bathtub!

The bathtub

The bathtub

The bathtub represents one of the main important elements of the bathroom. It is already a first choice: the desire to have it at the expense of the shower. For moments of well-being and relaxation in the water: ergonomics and welcoming, made in technological or traditional materials, they are the queens of the bathroom.

Which bathtub to choose? What are the most popular solutions, able to satisfy the form-function combination? Let’s see them together.

A targeted choice

Depending on the space and the layout of the bathroom, we have three different types of bathtubs.

  • The bathtub_freestanding
  • The bathtub_recessed
  • The bathtub_wall

Freestanding solution. The bathtub is positioned in the center of the room or otherwise detached from the wall. It is therefore particularly suitable for large rooms. The water system must be reorganized and, to avoid lifting the floor, a platform can be created under which the pipes pass. The result will be a step that defines the area, with respect to the rest of the environment.

Recessed solution. The bathtub finds space in the masonry, covered like the walls, to disappear from sight. A second option, however, is to choose contrasting materials, in order to highlight the choice.

Wall solution. One of the most classic and seen solutions. A bathtub that rests on the wall and that takes on the most disparate shapes and sizes: rectangular, angular, shaped. Some can be paneled, especially the whirlpool type, to make the mechanisms accessible. In addition, the panel also becomes an aesthetic element.

Tecno materials

Wide choice of materials for the latest generation of tubs. They have many common advantages, such as compactness, resistance, and scratch-resistance. They are also antibacterial and hypoallergenic, hygienic, do not turn yellow and can be shaped even in particular shapes and without sharp edges.

They can be solid surfaces, generally formed from a mixture of inert powders, aluminum and resin; they are available in white or colored. Those with a natural mineral base are, instead, made of quartz or marble powder, bound by a low resin content.

  • The bathtub_soft lines
  • The bathtub_geometrical lines

Soft lines. The bathtub with soft and sinuous lines, able to make the environment more welcoming and supple. Ideal for a bathroom looking for shapes capable of giving movement.

Rigorous lines.The bathtub with its rigorous and rigid lines, capable of making the environment more geometric and defined. Ideal for a bathroom looking for static and eternal shapes.


However, the main question remains: what style will my bathtub have? Whether you prefer a sober and simple style or a more showy and eccentric one, style is fundamental. Let’s look at the two most popular styles at the moment.

  • The bathtub_vintage
  • The bathtub_modern full color

Vintage. A bathtub with a retro tone, as it used to be. Tubs placed in the center of the room, supported by machined feet and with ergonomic and fascinating shapes. Beauty and comfort. This is definitely the right style for lovers of timeless charm.

Modern and full color. A contemporary and hyper-equipped bathtub, without ever losing sight of the aesthetics. This is guaranteed by the use of colors with a strong visual impact, able on their own to define the entire character of the bathroom. Ideal for those who love to dare.

So these are the most frequent solutions. What do you think? Which one is the ideal choice for your bathroom? Tell us in the comments. Here are our projects, including those in the bathroom.

To the next appointment of this column!

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