Where around the world? Siusi allo Scillar!

Siusi allo Scillar
A stone and hay house in Siusi allo Scillar.

In the middle of the Italian Dolomites, in the fairytale setting of the historic center of Siusi allo Scillar, stands the new residential building designed by the architectural studio noa (network of architecture).  The studio, founded by Stefan Rier and Lukas Rungger, chooses a breathtaking location, at the foot of the Scillar, for this new and daring house project.

What the concept? A chidhood dream

Stone and hay house_concept
«.. if I think of my childhood, there was nothing better than a jump in the fresh hay ..» – Stefan Rier

Noa realizes a childhood dream and encloses modern and complex spaces in a traditional dress, a stone and hay house, typical of Siusi allo Sciliar (IT).

Three starting points: 1) the constructive tradition of the place, made up by stone; 2) the architect’s roots; 3) a nostalgic childhood memory, or the jumps in the hay.


What the architecture? A wooden skin and a stone heart

Stone and hay house_architecture

Two main elements characterize this stone and hay house project. The solidity of the STONE on one side, for the massive basement, which seems to recall the importance of the roots, which sink solid into the ground. Therefore, the lightness of WOOD on the other, which is both a structural and decorative element and perhaps wants to portray the will to fly high and towards new goals.

To crown these four levels of elevation, a pitched roof, so typical of this geographical area.

And what the interior design? Between cubes and “space in the middle”

Stone and hay_interior design
«Because» – says Rier – «traditions are good, but they must also evolve».

Central theme of the interior, therefore,  is the CUBE and the SPACE IN THE MIDDLE that is inspired by the tradition of the ‘square’. Private areas such as bedrooms, toilets or saunas are located in plaster cubes. The rest of the space remains free without other walls, in order to create very interesting views.

A constant exchange between the inhabitants is born, a dialogue between public and private space.

The detail that makes the difference? Fashion design!

Stone and hay house_fashion design
Fashion design that creates atmosfhere.

Noa has collaborated with fashion designer Philipp Pezzei and the well-known fabric factory Moessmer in Brunico for an object that is articulated in the house as a hammock, chair, lamp, bag and even as a dress. The transformation of the object is at the forefront because it stimulates the inhabitant to interact with the house and also with the outside world.

Our inspired advice? Consider home as a filter!

Therefore, how to manage the renovation of a traditional environment in the house of our dreams?  By concepting house as a filter, able to merge in itself tradition  and innovation, internal and external, private and public.

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Ortenca Osmenaj

City: Siusi allo Scillar (IT); Client: Stefan Rier
Architects: noa; Design team: Stefan Rier; Photo Credits: Alex Filz
Sitography: https://www.noa.network