The Well, New York, Manhattan

The Well, New York

Today for our SPA Design column, we take you few steps away from Union Square in New York, in one of the most chaotic and crowded cities in the world, where the wellness club ,The Well,  has just been created, conceived as a real refuge from the frenetic life of Manhattan.

A true temple of wellness, born from the idea of a winning trio of professionals: Rebecca Parekh, former executive of the Deutsche Bank and chief executive of the association of Deepak Chopra, Kane Sarhan, former head of the 1 Hotels brand of Starwood Capital Group, and Sarrah Hallock, former marketing manager of Vitaminwater, Bai and Wtrmln Wtr.

Holistic wellness

the well-meditation-room

The idea of the founders of The Well in New York is to combine science and well-being. People who enter this space can thus know themselves through a holistic and spiritual approach.

In fact, inside the Well there are not only private gym and spa but also meditation areas and reflexology spaces. Western medicine and Oriental healing techniques come together to allow members of this exclusive club a complete and personalized wellness plan.

The Well is therefore a real journey within ourselves that helps us to take care of our wellbeing, to silence the mind and detach ourselves from the hectic life of a city that never sleeps.

The Spa Design

the well-interiors-design

Liubasha Rose of Rose Ink Workshop, design the 1600 square metres space of The Well. The concept of the whole architectural project is the idea of the “well“, understood as the profound knowledge of ourselves.

“It is the absolute source of survival and human civilization; it is cylindrical and deep, with curves and rounded shapes and long perspectives. Our starting point was to translate it into architecture ”

(Liubasha Rose)

  • the well-lockers
  • the well-spa-steam-room
  • the well-relaxation-area
  • the well-library

The concept of well is translated into interiors through the choice of rounded shapes and curved walls. The spaces are bright, relaxing with natural palettes.

In addition to the relaxation room, designed as a crystal cave, one of the most striking rooms is the meditation room, that imitates Mexican huts and  is furnished with carpets and low cushions, for walking barefoot.

Green element

the well-plants

Another important component in the design of the health club is the green element. The Well, in fact,  seeks to put its customers in contact with nature .It does it thanks to a selection of over 50 varieties of plants with different beneficial properties (curated by Luz LeStrange) that help purify spaces and improve air quality.


Client: The Well 
Location: New York, Manhattan
Design: Liubasha Rose, Rose Ink Workshop 
Photocredits: Kris Tamburello and The Well