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Last Monday we were in the desert of the United Arab Emirates. Today instead we are in the Bromont thermal reserve, in Quebec in one of the Canada’s most exclusive spas : Balnea.

Spa design: Balnea Spa


Balnea rises in the mountains of the Bromont reserve. The forest, Appalachian Montains and the Gale Lake make this structure unique.

This project is a wellness oasis surrounded by unspoilt nature, where you can relax and feel away from the chaos and daily responsibilities.

The Structure

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Balnea was born in 2005. The owners Stéphanie Émond and his father Daniel, spent their holidays skiing in these mountains, and they were so fond of the beauty of this place that their successful project was,consequently, born here.

The new area, Pavillon Ouest, was born from the work of Blouin Tardif Architecture Environnement. It houses a large terrace of 140 square meters with minimal design, in Ipè wood, a Turkish bath and a sauna.

An infinity pool with whirlpool is the most astonishing attraction of Balnea that allows guests a unique experience of total relaxation, immersed in hot water to enjoy a unique landscape.

  • Pavillon-Ouest
  • Balnea-spa-lake
  • Balnea-spa-sauna
  • Balnea-spa-architecture

“Our long-term plan has been to offer our guests more access to this sunny part of the property. We used soothing yellow light that lingers at the end of late-winter days, and delivers softer warmth on long summer afternoons,”.

 Denis Laframboise, president and co-owner of the spa.

Nature and environment care


The structure preserves the environment, infact, In this magical place, nature comes first. For this reason the actual owners donated 80% of the land in possession to Nature Conservancy Canada. The purpose of this donation was to control water consumption and the greenhouse emissions, through pellet heating sistems.

Furthermore, to minimize the environmental impact, the new structures were built elsewhere and subsequently incorporated on site.

A thermal experience that surely fascinates all mountain lovers and that they find in the uncontaminated nature the place to take refuge.

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Client: Balnea Spa 
Location: Bromont, Quebec, Canada
Architect : Blouin Tardif Architecture Environnement
Photocredit :  Blouin Tardif Architecture Environnement,