Soft Furnishing for your Interiors!

Soft Furnishing for your Interiors

Soft Furnishing. Textiles, Hammocks and Paintings. Summer is almost here and we are about to welcome the most awaited season of the year. Sea, sun, light-heartedness, relaxation. Summer is certainly a condition of our soul, more than just a time of year. The desire to live with greater lightness and to find, as a result, the right balance in a right mix between commitment and leisure.

What are, therefore, the trends for this Summer 2019? What are the right decor ideas for our Interiors? How can we give a new look to our interiors, with small, simple, but effective changes? We have selected for you 10 Summer Decor Ideas, which will not only give new life to your spaces, but will also be able to change your mood. So, this is the third appointment of our column dedicated to Summer Interior Decor.

Being able to transform ourselves and to fully experience the changes in our lives means just that. The ability to smile and welcome every news. Summer as a symbol of positivity. A positivity that must invade our environments through colors, shapesnew ways of living space. Because you can always renew and change the skin of your home, without necessarily having to spend too much. So let’s see together the next 3 Summer Decor Ideas for your Interiors.  The first three were about flowers and lines. This time it’s all about Soft Furnishing!


Soft Furnishing_textiles

The easiest way to change your Interiors is to choose new fabrics. Curtains, carpets, tablecloths and cushions are certainly essential to create the general mood of a room. For the summer, we recommend natural fabrics, bright and shining colors. Linen tablecloths, curtains and rugs bring surely good humor. The final touch? Decorative pillows therefore with eye-catching prints.

The English call it ‘soft furnishing’. It is the art of changing appearance at home without spending too much. In other words, how to furnish with fabrics using them on sofas, choosing each time coverings in materials and winter or more summer colors. Classic or more original fabrics, that can be a way to experiment and able to make the environment change tone. So the revolution is soft furnishing.


Soft Furnishing_hammocks

We go ahead with soft furnishing. This summer, choose a hammock! Fill it with pillows to guarantee a princely rest! Alternatively, you can choose a suspended sofa or armchair, to be placed outside and inside the home, depending on the season.

The hammock is synonymous with summer, with vacation! It means certainly pure rest! So you can hang it in the open air, to enjoy the sun and the warm air, or arrange it comfortably at home. The hammock becomes a piece of furniture of all respect, both in the city and at the sea. You can place it in the garden or on the terrace for a real treat. It will allow you to transform your environments with total flexibility. For each season, therefore, its degree of relaxation!


Soft Furnishing_paintings

Another interesting soft furnishing element is the painting. For the summer choose themed paintings, but not discounted. The advice is to choose original subjects, avoiding sunsets and shells. If you love photography, you might also think about making them yourself. It will surely be an opportunity to look at your favourite sea with more curious eyes, looking for unique situations or details to capture.

So go ahead for large paintings and combinations of smaller ones. Posters, works of art, photographs, vintage prints or more. If you want a perfect result, however, some fundamental aspects must be taken into account. Size, color and position are essential to properly enhance our environments and instill the right spirit. So let the summer begin!

What will be the next Summer Decor Ideas? Do you love soft furnishing? See you for our next article dedicated to this column!