Small houses

Taac Flat in Milan

With the “Small houses” section of our blog, we want to face and discover with you, the world of small houses and micro spaces in general. What is our intent? To show you how big the potential of a space is, even if it is very small. Let’s start immediately, then!

Today we’ll discover a small apartment in the heart of Milan: Taac Flat. A project designed and conceived by the architectural firm Planair.

To be honest, the adjective, in this case, does not give good idea of the spatiality with which this project has to manage. It would be more appropriate to talk about a micro-apartment. This onet conceals a series of elements, which will, for sure, surprise you.

The concept: magic and play

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«The design desire, from the beginning, was to incorporate magic and play in some way, in an interior project.»-Planair.

The space in this case is very little: it is 29.5 total square meters. How to act? Making sure that spaces change and change, continuously. Like a game of magic, the house is never the same as itself. It changes shape and finally opens and closes like a flower, depending on the time of day and natural light.

The architecture: multi-configurability

Taac Flat _ Architecture

The space is conceived as a whole, which changes appearance to host new functions, depending on the need. A lot of experimentation, therefore!

Entrance, kitchen, snack area, dining area, living and relaxation area, bedroom area, walk-in closet, study area and bathroom. All these environments and functions cohabit in Taac Flat.

In just 29.5 square meters? Absolutely! How? Multi-configurability is the keyword, absence of walls and play of moving elements is the key!

The interior design: stylistic unity

Fragmentation is the biggest enemy of small houses. Such a small space must enjoy a strong stylistic unity of the furnishing elements.

The project strategy aims to solve the technical, functional and ergonomic issues, with an inclusive logic within the fixed and mobile furnishing elements. This wants to underline the different possibilities of the main space.

The furnishings are at the same time scenic and functional elements. Therefore,they have a high aesthetic function, but at the same time they have a strong functional character.

The detail that makes the difference: mirrors

Taac Flat_mirrors

Wise and focused is the use of mirrors in this project.

The mirrors, in fact, are both a piece of furniture and a strategic element. They contribute to make space more engaging, but they also have a tactical function. Which? They have to create the optical illusion of a wider and deeper space.

So, very right their use in such a small space. Small houses loudly calls for tactics and techniques able to bring out their potential.

Our inspired advice: play with time!

Who has ever said that in a house all the “rooms” must be present at the same time?

We have to act on time to get everything, but not at once. How? Using mobile and equipped walls, which allow us to change continuously the appearance of our home.

Finally, the same space can be in a moment a comfortable living area, to become in the next moment a well-equipped kitchen or a beautiful bedroom or …. whatever you prefer.

Greetings from us and our design magic wand. See you at the next magic!

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City: Milan (IT); Architects: Planair; Design team: Planair
Photo Credits: Luca Broglia