Small Houses Design Box

What you’ll get

A good design project is certainly the result of a  harmonious collaboration between the designer and the client.  It is precisely for this reason that, after an initial survey,  we will send you the concept design and moodboard,  and the first draft of the project in plan, so that you can express your assent and your opinions about it.  We’ll translate any of your suggestions into the project,  so that, when the work will be finished,  we will be able to appreciate it together.

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Small House Design box offers the possibility to obtain the complete design project of your small house. It is, therefore, perfect for all those who have recently purchased their new home and intend to rely on a team of professionals to think and design each of its spaces. But it is also ideal for all those who intend to renovate or give a new look to their nest.
If your house does not exceed 50 square meters and you want to turn it into a little gem, this is definitely the design box, that is right for you.


Nowadays, housing needs have completely changed, and spaces have been reduced to the essentials. Small surfaces require a targeted, careful, tailor-made design. This box offers, through online design, the possibility to translate into a project the potential of the space in which you, as a client, have invested. The space that probably represents your first home,made up by sacrifice and hard work.

“Can I have the same benefits of a larger surface? A home that is both beautiful and functional, despite its being small? A customized project that is, at the same time, accessible from the economic point of view? ” This box wants to answer these questions, which we know are the main dilemmas of those who buy a small house.

We want to give maximum value to your small home, by guaranteeing you a personalized, tailor-made, online design, attentive to every single detail. A project able to reach the right balance between comfort, aesthetics, speed and economic needs. A project that reflects your personality, your needs and your lifestyle.


All you have to do is to fill out a quick and targeted survey, revealing your taste and your preferences, and wait for your design project at home.
Personalization, attention to detail and the challenge of telling, through design, your story are the constant characteristic of each of our “products”.


You will receive the project of your room within 10/15 days, directly in your email inbox

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