It is the most renovated room ever. There are many reasons, but two stand out above all. The will, first of all, to personalize this space to make it multifunctional and efficient. Secondly, the will to combine relaxation and wellness with the most efficient and functional solutions.

The common thread that characterizes the bathroom is the aesthetic research in every detail. For this reason we have decided to dedicate a column to this environment, in order to be able to face the different areas, that are part of it, through a series of appointments. We will start therefore from the sink area and see what and how many different ways exist to best configure it.

Sink area

Sink area

Basic corner of the bathroom, the sink area must be treated in detail. New solutions for contemporary environments, therefore. There is a wide choice of finishes and materials, as well as solutions.

So how to think about this area? What are the most popular solutions, able to satisfy the form-function combination? Let’s see it together.

The sink

Starting point for the sink area: from it, in fact, the aesthetics and functionality of each composition will depend. There are surely different solutions for the sink and the furniture that houses it. This depends on the type of installation.

Sink area_the sink
  • Recessed. The sink is inserted in the top and the cabinet continues below to take advantage of the space. The basin can also be one with the top. In this case, technological composite materials are used and the sink is integrated as a result.

  • Half-recessed. The sink partially protrudes from the top. The disadvantage, in terms of functionality, is the difficulty in cleaning, especially in the joints.
  • Countertop.The sink can present presents modern or classic solutions in soft or more geometrical shapes, in ceramic or in more technological materials. So a really wide choice.

The options for the table top are also articulated: they can be more subtle or thick and scenographic. It all depends on the tastes and needs, as there is certainly no lack of choice.

With the mobile

One of the fundamental choices, with regard to the sink area, will be to opt for furniture or not. There are so many solutions.

  • Sink area_suspended mobile
  • Sink area_with feet mobile
  • Suspended. A moblie that does not have a support base on the ground, but finds support in the wall. An aesthetically very performing solution, but some factors, such as the quality of the panels, must always be taken into account. The materials, in fact, must be water-repellent, non-toxic andalso easy to clean.

  • With feet. Mobile that often create interesting games of solids and empty spaces. Whether you choose classic shapes or more modern lines, this piece of furniture is an excellent compromise between aesthetics and functionality.

Beautiful and sculptural

They live their own lives without a piece of furniture: suspended or freestanding, therefore, they play with shapes, designs, materials and finishes. From the most classic to the most contemporary. The choice is based also on the available space.

Sink area_beautiful and sculptural
  • Wall solution. The suspended basins are installed directly on the wall, without the support or constraint of a piece of furniture. The siphon can therefore be visible or embedded in a half-column. Some models can be enriched with a support surface or with shelves and towel bars.
  • Self-supporting. The column and frestanding sinks are the most classic, with the structure that supports them and in which pipes and siphon are inserted. A more modern and up-to-date version is the monoblock model. It has therefore  a more sculptural form and a strong furnishing impact.
  • Console solution. Some models installed on the wall can be equipped with legs. Thus they become console sinks, without losing the self-supporting capacity. They have as a result a great aesthetic impact and they are very useful in a small bathroom.

So these are the most frequent solutions. What do you think? Which one do you prefer? Tell us in the comments. You can find some of our bathroom projects here. To the next appointment of this column!

Lucrezia & Ortenca

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