It is the most renovated room ever. There are many reasons, but two stand out above all. The will, first of all, to personalize this space to make it multifunctional and efficient. Secondly, the will to combine relaxation and wellness with the most efficient and functional solutions.

The common thread that characterizes the bathroom is the aesthetic research in every detail. For this reason we have decided to dedicate a column to this environment, in order to be able to face the different areas, that are part of it, through a series of appointments. We have seen together different solutions to personalize the shower area. Now let’s see together how to make your shower even more unique, through the shower elements.

Shower elements

Shower elements

Shower elements and all those that are considered details, instead represent one of the fundamental parts of a path of choices aimed at making this environment unique. Columns, taps, shower heads, shower trays: all shower elements that can surely make the difference in our bathroom’s ability to be fully performing.

Which one of those shower element to choose? What are the most popular solutions, able to satisfy the form-function combination? Let’s see them together.

Shower columns

They are shower elements that include faucets, showerheads and hand showers. They have certainly the advantage of taking up little space and simultaneously offering different functions.

Shower elements_shower columns

The shower head. It can be installed on the wall or fixed to an arm. The wall attachment is simpler, at about 200 cm from the shower tray. Ceiling mounting is  surely more complex and it may be necessary to make a special false ceiling. The hand shower, instead, is suitable for a punctual washing.

The taps. Element with a lot of attractive and at the same time hyper-functional aesthetics. To save on consumption, you can therefore choose thermostatic taps, which are able to keep the water temperature constant.

Shower elements_shower head

Shower doors

Even the choice of  shower doors represents a fundamental part in the shower elements choiche. Swinging, sliding or folding, surely this is a personal choice, but also depending on the available space. The most commonly used materials are glass and crystal.

Hinged doors. This choice depends heavily on the space available. This type of door requires more space for the shower area, a space that is reduced if the opening is towards the inside. Alternatively, you can choose book types.

Sliding doors. They represent a practical solution for the shower area as they overlap. To be able to access it more easily, however, at least two walls are required.

Heat treatment. Allows for greater material strength. In the event of breakage, the glass or crystal shatters into tiny, non-cutting pieces.

Anti-scale treatment. Prevents water drops from depositing on the glass or crystal surface, making it easier to clean.

  • Shower elements_hinged doors
  • Shower elements_sliding doors

Shower trays

The shower tray represents one of the  shower elements that lead to greater indecision and perplexity in the composition of our own shower area. A shower accessory to choose carefully and according to your tastes and functional needs. The choice is also varied: square, rectangular, semicircular, in a remarkable range of dimensions, often custom made.

Supportive. Optimal solution in case of discharge problems, as it is higher than the floor. Thus it creates a step that allows the flow of water.

Recessed. It represents an intermediate solution: the plate is partially recessed and protrudes slightly compared to the floor level.

At floor level. It is certainly the most aesthetically performing solution, but also the most functional and accessible. Ideal for those who want to keep up with the latest trends in design and interiors.

  • Shower elements_sower trays 1
  • Shower elements_sower trays 2

What do you think? What are the best solutions for your shower area, then? Tell us in the comments. You can read the previous column articles here.

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