Salone del Mobile – International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition

Salone del Mobile 2019 International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition

The Milan Design Week, certainly the most exciting week for Design lovers, has ended. This year too Milan closes its doors and leaves us a wealth of stories, sensations, ideas, creativity and art above all.

In our Saturday article  we told you about the installations scattered throughout the beautiful city of Milan.

Walking through the streets of the city we are really amazed by the thousands of messages that Milan has to offer us is certainly one of the most beautiful things of Milan Design Week.

But let’s not forget the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition (Salone del Mobile) in Rho, where we find the pavilions of the three style types Classic, Design, xLux.

We also can admire the Salone Satellite the International Biennial Lighting Exhibition (EUROLUCE) and Workplace 3.0 with S.Project, the novelty of this year.

Salone Satellite


Dedicated to the new under 35 proposals, this year too the Salone Satellite and the International jury of the design world protagonists, has rewarded the young designers who surely met the needs of the design market with their products . The theme of the year was “Food is a Design Object

  • 1st prize at Kuli-Kuli, Japan, for the Kobe Leather project which uses the  beef mantle, rarely used, applied to different types of design products.
  • 2nd prize at Philipp Hainke Studio, Germany, for the Halo project, a hemp and casein chair.
  • 3rd prize at Baku Sakashita, Japan, for the project: 2.5 DIimensional. An optical illusion generated by three-dimensional objects built with a 3mm diameter wire, which look like lines on a sheet.

Two special mentions for Koko, Croatia, for Koko Loko project for children and Studiomirei, Italy, for Nebula Lamp a collection of lamps, which resemble interstellar clouds of dust in space, made of banana fiber.

The Intesa Sanpaolo Special Award for the “Best Food is a Design Object Project” went to Melbourne Movement / Kristen Wang, Australia for the Re.Bean Coffee Stool project.




Unmissable appointment for lighting lovers, Euroluce focuses in particular on smart and digital technology this year. The lights are increasingly more interactive, controllable and adjustable according to the needs and habits of life.

The world of lighting focuses on new control systems of intensity, color and even shape, increasingly inspired by nature, with an eye to wellness. Furthermore the apps allow us to control the brightness according to the time of day.

The wireless table models make indeed their use easier, and finally the LED and the “mini” light.

All this allows the experimentation of new forms, increasingly manipulable, transformable and personalized (such as the luminous strip created by the BIG study for Artemide).

  • euroluce-1
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s project, milano design week

News at the Rho exhibition center. S. Project was born as a new exhibition method that aims to offer a 360-degree perspective on interior design and new proposals for market needs. The way of doing design is certainly changing and with it the way to communicate it to the public.

The multi-sectorality characterizes this space by offering furnishings for indoor spaces and for the oudoor in addition to fabrics, coverings, finishes, and many other products, allowing professionals, retails and companies to work together.

In fact many companies in the design sector are involved and each one develops its vision and its product in authentic ways.

S.Project Design Companies

Abet Laminati. Alki. Amini. Anour. Antolini. Antonio Lupi. Atelier Vierkant. B&B Italia. Boffi Living. Budri. Carl Hansen. cc-tapis. Citco. Cleaf. De Castelli. De Padova. Dedar. Editions. Effegibi. Emeco. Ercol. Ercuis. Expormim. Exteta. Extremis. Florim Ceramiche. Flos. Fredericia. Fritz Hansen. Gibus. Gloster. House of Finn Juhl. Imperfetto Lab. Inkiostro Bianco. Jannelli e Volpi. José Martinez Medina. Karakter. Kristiina lassus. Kvadrat. Laminam. Londonart. Louis Poulsen. MA/U Studio. Maruni. Massimo Copenhagen. Missoni. Muuto. Nero Sicilia. Nikari. Olivari. Pratic. Radici Pietro. Raynaud.

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