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What you’ll get

A good design project is certainly the result of a  harmonious collaboration between the designer and the client.  It is precisely for this reason that, after an initial survey,  we will send you the concept design and moodboard,  and the first draft of the project in plan, so that you can express your assent and your opinions about it.  We’ll translate any of your suggestions into the project,  so that, when the work will be finished,  we will be able to appreciate it together.

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Room Design Box offers the possibility to obtain, the complete design project of a room of your house. It is, therefore, perfect for all those who intend to  design ,renew or give a new look to a single environment, or simply imagine and visualize, thanks to our online design services, the hidden potential in it.


Kitchen, living room, study, bedroom, bathroom, terrace, etc. Each of these environments defines an area of your home and the way it is thought and designed is revealing of who we are. A space designed without leaving anything to chance can make a difference, not only aesthetically, but also, and above all, as far as your mood and well-being are concerned. Whether you want to leave immediately with the works, or send them back to a later time, nothing prevents you from asking our team of professionals for a project, on which to dream, at a price that is more than accessible.


All you have to do is to fill out a quick and targeted survey, revealing your taste and your preferences, and wait for your inspiration design project at home.
Personalization, attention to detail and the challenge of telling your story through design are the constant characteristic of each of our “products”.


You will receive the project of your room within 8/10 days, directly in your email inbox

start designing your Room