Project Description

Project Details

TYPE: Commercial

INTERVENTION: Interior design project for a Moleskine Store, located inside of an infrastructural junction. Spaces distribution, furnishing choice, custom designed furnishing, lighting design, 3D views.

DESIGN CHOICES: The store surface is divided in three areas: a merchandise area, a sale area and a total new area, dedicated to the cultural exchange.

The first area is a shop window, an area dedicated to the exposition of the historical Moleskine notebook. The space is characterized by the use of neutral colors and it is thought to celebrate and show the product.

The observer / client is in front of a shop window, that is capable to become a tridimensional space. The contain let himself be admired, in a perfect combination with the container.

The second area is the sale area, dedicated also to the exposition of objects and technological devices. Materials and colors are selected and chosen to make this space private and intimate. The only contact with the outdoor is the logo that, in a contrast game between full and empty, hole the perimetry wall. The container in this area is more important than the contain.

The third area is totally dedicated to the cultural exchange. In an infrastructural hub, like a railway station or an airport, there is people who leave and people who come back. Different people that bring with them their stories.

And this third new area is dedicated to stories: stories and cultural exchange. A place where you can sit and leave your messages to other people. A place where you can share your story.

This is the reason why, despite of the choice to use black and white for the first two areas, this last one is full of colors and light, like a rainbow, to symbolize the diversity and beauty that stand behind the world’s skin! The contain in this area is more important than the container.