Project Description

Project Details

TYPE: Commercial

INTERVENTION:Commercial local interior design for a Martini Terrace, inspired by Alice in Wonderland adventures. Space distribution, furnishing choice, custom designed furnishing, lighting design, 3D views.

DESIGN CHOICES: This is an outdoor concept garden, where it is the happy-hour experience, that gives shape to time. The terrace surface is divided into two parts, that reflect two of Carrol’s characters: the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter.

From one side, a long bench and few sittings receive those that interpret the happy hour as a fleeting moment from a ride to another one. A fast happy- hour, for those that always run and intend time as a straight line. The atmosphere in here is cold, like the time that goes away.

From the other side a series of enveloping cylindrical structures host those that want to enjoy their deserved break and their friends’ company. A slow happy hour, for those that love to catch time and intend it as a circle, within which to grow relations and their entire life. The atmosphere in here is warm, like the time that stops.

Therefore, for everyone there is a free choice to follow the White Rabbit, in its incessant race against time, or to catch it and stop it forever with The Mad Hatter, in an eternal return of the “happy hour” experience