Project Description

Project Details

TYPE: Commercial

INTERVENTION:Interior design project for a new cycle center, located in Los Angeles. Spaces’ distribution, furnishing’s choice, custom designed furnishing, lighting design, 3D views.

DESIGN CHOICES: Client’s requests were clear: a cycle club with 3 main areas, that are a check-in and merchandise area, a lounge area and a spin classroom.

The concept gave birth to the volumetric configuration. A central space reserved to the spin class room, that is the heart of the enterprise. The surrounding space is ideally divided into two half-circles, one of which is divided between the lounge area, in front of the spinning room, and the check-in and merchandise area, in front of the club entrance;

the other one contains the services combined with the cycle room, such as separated entrances for ladies and gentlemen, lockers, bathrooms and showers.

What sensations is the space broadcasting?
The message, that this setting brings, has to arrive clear at the user : style, fun, freedom, possibility to change everyday our lives.

The colors selected are three: black, withe and red. The first ones represent the conflict and the contrast, that habit our world; the last one represents the binder that links together diversity.