Project Description

Project Details

TYPE: Residential

INTERVENTION: Interior design renewal of an ex brewery. Spaces distribution, furnishing’s choice, custom designed furnishing, lights’ choice, 3d suggestions.

DESIGN CHOICES: The loft is located inside of a building, that was previously used as an industrial building. The project wants to achieve a total new interior space’s configuration, that has to result after a demolition of all the existing walls.

The will was to use the entire volume to create two levels and satisfy all the customer’s needs. The staircase is thought as a central element. This is at the same time a connecting element and a space to stay.

It links the different spaces and creates at the same time different heights, that give movement.

The first level is thought and designed for the day area. The second level is thought and designed for the night area. The studio area is located at an intermediate level, in a separated area. A large kitchen is located at the first floor.

The atmosphere that results is an Industrial Style, in order to give comfort and usability to all spaces. A minimal industrial style characterize the entire project of this house, that looks now like a real loft.