Project Description

Project Details

TYPE: Residential

INTERVENTION: Interior design renewal of a little house ( 60 square meters). Spaces’ distribution, furnishing’s choice, custom designed furnishing, light’s choice, 3D views.

DESIGN CHOICES: We thought to maintain the actual spaces configuration, but with little improvements, that can make the spaces work better. The biggest division is in two parts : the day area and the night area.

In the day area there are 4 different spaces: the entrance, the living room , the work area and the kitchen.
In the night area there are 5 different spaces: the hallway, that allows to reach every room, the storage room, the bathroom, the master bedroom and the kids’ bedroom.

The most important thing is that the kids’ room is designed to have one unique structure for the kids’ beds and their wardrobe, in order to leave a big empty surface for their play area (so they don’t have to stay in the living room ). This area can be used in the future to set their desks or other pieces of furnitures that can be useful.

Another important thing is to solve the problem of the noisy neighbors : we thought to use sound absorbing panels in the master bedroom . These are at the same time useful and beautiful pieces of design.

Every space and every room is thought and designed to express the minimalism and the shape clearness, that characterize the contemporary and Scandinavian style. White, grey and a touch of blue and yellow, are the tones that emerge from the spaces. The light colors are helpful to make the surfaces appear bigger and, at the same, time to relax your mind.