Project Description

Project Details – Chef’s Kitchen Lab Design

TYPE: Residential

INTERVENTION: Interior design renewal of a day area. Spaces’ distribution, furnishing’s choice, custom designed furnishing, lighting design, 3d suggestions.

DESIGN CHOICES: The customer is a chef and his requirements were focalised on the day area. His needs were a big and comfortable kitchen, that is both a private space to live with friends, and both a space that is able to become a kitchen lab, in order to have lessons and workshops.

The project is consequently focalised on the kitchen, that becomes the heart of the house and it is divided in two different spaces that are separated, but at the same time linked one to the other: the private kitchen and the cooking labs and workshop area.

Both this two areas are spacious and large enough to guarantee functionality and comfort. The choice was to separate also the entrances. So there are two separated entrance, in order to guarantee the customer’s total privacy and comfort inside his home spaces.

Open spaces and a particular attention to the flexibility are the keys of this project.