Pink Garden

Pink Garden_our project for a customized bathroom

A competition becomes the opportunity to think and plan the bathroom of the future. Five themes, therefore, on which to vary the same plan. Five different challenges, characterized by the same container to be shaped. Today we want to introduce you to the first one: the pink garden. The request was to configure the bathroom, inventing a theme. What better time to configure spaces, characterizing them through personalization?

The concept

Pink Garden_concept

The millennial pink and the contact with nature: these are the two themes that inspired our pink garden bathroom project. Two current and contemporary themes related to the individual. Two colors, whose psychological reference takes on a fundamental value in the project: the color effect. On the one hand the gentle and positive force of pink, on the other the energizing power and the sense of wellbeing deriving from the green. A heterogeneous and hybrid mix, which is able to create a single harmonic system: a pink garden.

The space

Pink Garden_spaces

These concepts are translate, as a result, into a room in the room. The central fulcrum of the bathroom is a shower, which becomes a real garden, invaded by real and artificial plants. Wallpapers with a theme inspired by nature, plants with a purifying function suitable for damp environments and enveloping shades of green. To contain the garden shower there is surely the pink, which defines both the walls perimeter that the passage area, marked by a play of hexagonal cement tiles. Tiles that return white in the area dedicated to health. Playful colors for a pink garden.

  • Pink Garden_top view
  • Pink Garden_front view1
  • Pink Garden_front view 2

A definitely strong and original impact, for those who have the courage to dare and be inspired by the trends of the moment, without ever losing the primordial link with the earth.

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