New way of living for Small Houses

Welcome back to the fifth appointment in our section dedicated to Small Houses. A column that starts from the desire to make this new concept of home and urban living better known. Two fundamental questions from which this column is born: does it still make sense to build big houses? Or rather, is there still space or time for large areas?

Today the best solution is the Small House: a few, very few square meters that can hide a maximum functionality. But how can you optimize the use of space? How to best design the little space to get your dream home? Through 10 examples of micro-houses, we want you to experience the hidden potential behind these little jewels.

New way of living solutions

Today we want to talk about a new way of living. Through the specific example of a micro-house we want to reflect together with you on a theme very dear to architecture. This is the form-content combination. How to respond to this eternal challenge, through a small area? Let’s find out together through this interesting solution: the Micro-Cosm.

8.The Micro-Cosm

“I wanted to show how little a person needs”-said Indrė Mylytė-Sinkevičienė, founder of IM Interior.

New way of living solutions_The Micro-cosm plan

The architectural design studio IM Interior deals with the renewal of a garage, located in Vilnus in Lithuania. The garage, thus, acquires a new intended use: it becomes a home. What is the surface with which the studio finds itself colliding? They are 21 square meters, inside which all the activities of daily living have to find space. An important challenge that is addressed from an important perspective: to fully satisfy the needs of the end user.

A single environment that is able to respond to everyday challenges. A unique space converted in such a way as to feel the warmth of a home and, at the same time, feel at ease in an environment capable of being always responsive and functional. As a result kitchen, living area and bedroom in one room. The only separate room is the bathroom. The living, dining and bedroom space has two narrow picture windows. The bed, positioned like a large window beneath one of these openings, is surrounded by concealed storage.

The studio works above all on the split between form and content, in order to try a new way of living. This split is translated, therefore, through the use of materials: Corten for the exterior, the warmth of Wood for the interior. The original structure has been re-clad in weathering steel, known as Corten, and reconfigured with new openings. The interior has been designed to contrast the exterior of the building as much as possible, with a warm birch wood lining.


“In 21 square metres it is really possible to work and live. This particular interior is like another way of life” – said Indrė Mylytė-Sinkevičienė.

A new way of living. The basic idea, the concept from which the project moves is to demonstrate a new possibility of living. At the center of it all, there is the internal-external combination. The main challenge is to translate a new concept of life and therefore to live in a restricted area. How to do it? IM Interiors focuses, first of all, on materials, on the differentiation of the container from the content, on the reciprocal influence between form and content. So how does it work? Through the contrast.

  • New way of living solutions_exterior
  • New way of living solutions_interior1
  • New way of living solutions_interior2
  • New way of living solutions_interior3

The will is to create a real microcosm. Inside, a different reality, outside, the surrounding context to act as a protagonist. The interiors must represent a filter through which to look at the world. As a result disagreement and splitting occurs between the external and internal world. A kreading key, therefore, that clearly reflects the current tendency to exaggerate appearance. The project, on the other hand, is an invitation to reverse the trend, to extol and focus on the content. The aesthetic sense, as a result, appears inverted.

“The urban environment has dictated the architectural style,”-said the designer.-“The facade has a metallic rust that looks like a garage, but next to it there are some green plants.”

Industrial look, therefore, for this garage reclaimed for residential purposes. This mixed urban environment, along with the site’s former use, inspired the industrial look of the new building, which is set against bursts of greenery.


“Three shapes were used in the interior: a square, a circle and a triangle,” -said Indrė Mylytė-Sinkevičienė.

The concept of a new way of living passes through the use of selected forms. The desire to make the content prevail over aesthetics, takes to the use of simple shapes and geometric lines. Square, circle and triangle. The shape is simple, therefore. It acts as a perimeter and envelops everything. It is capable to generate a strong impact, but without ever stealing the scene from the content. Triangular tiles were used to decorate both the floor of the living space and the bathroom.

New way of living solutions_square circle triangle

What do you think of this new concept? Do you think the project conveys a new way of living? We greet you and give you appointment at the next article in this section.

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CREDITS_The Micro-Cosm
City: Vilnus, Lithuania
Architects: IM Interior
Photo Credits: IM Interior