Milk train: The instagrammable ice-cream store in London


What is the unmissable food of the summer? Ice cream of course! And it’s even more exciting if you can eat it in a concept store designed to be instagrammable.

The Milk Train is located in central London’s bustling Covent Garden district. The design studio FormRoom designed this instagram-friendly ice-cream store like a classic British steam train. Playing with shapes, colors and furnishings, the studio has created a surreal and playful space that invites customers to photograph their experience and post it on social media. This new brand, wanted to bet everything on a new way of communicating through social networks, first of all instagram making their first store captivating and scenographic, unique in its kind.

Interiors concept


Everything inside the ice-cream shop is designed to recreate the atmosphere of a train station. Starting from the entrance where there is a menu that’s printed on blackboards in white block lettering, which wants to recreate the board of departures and arrivals of the stations.

In the eating area there are numbered seats, with large arches and spherical suspension lamps. From the sofas, as it happens in the trains, you can look outside through the large windows with black frames.

  • milk-train-eating-area
  • milk-train-entrance
  • milk-train-interiors
  • milk-train-interiors -2

If you look up, a series of two-dimensional clouds captures the attention of the visitor. They want to remember the steam emitted by the running train.
Pastel colors and light surfaces enhance the feeling of being outside the box. Even the contrasts play an important role, such as the writing and the paths marked on the white floor and the neon signs.

Interiors details


The most underground touch comes from the store floor message “Mind the melt ”, a play on Transport for London’s cautionary phrase Mind the Gap .
Another detail is found at the bottom of the store. It is a hatbox, with suitcases inside, decorated with a neon sign “Daydreams & ice-creams“.


Client: Milk Train
Location: Covent Garden District, London
Designer: FormRoom
Photocredits: Paul Lewis