Spring is coming!  it’s time to think about garden design!
That’s why we decided to pubblish 4 weekly articles for you that will help you choose your favorite style.

We start the first appointment with the Mediterranean garden, inspired by the coastal countries of Italy, Greece, France and Spain. This gardens creates  warm and welcoming atmospheres with colors and scents typical of these sunny lands . Climate favors the growth of erbs, flowers and fruits so as to fill the outdoor spaces with many shades of colors. But the main feature of these gardens is the invitation to conviviality and positivity. They encourage us to enjoy sunny days with friends and family around a beautiful table in the shade of a pergola.

What are the elements that should always be in a Mediterranean garden?
Let’s discover them together.

  • Pergola

mediterranean garden pergola

In these sunny lands the shaded areas are fundamental. Create pergolas with climbing plants combines aesthetic and functional appearance. In fact,  we can use the area under the pergola to have lunch in the outdoor space, to chat over a cup of coffee or simply relax while reading a good book.
There are different types of pergola to choose from. Those in light or dark wood are the most classic but there are also more modern systems . For example the retractable bioclimatic pergolas.

  • Mediterranean Tiles

mediterranean garden tiles

Mediterranean tiles, with their colors and pattern, are typical of this Gardens. They are very decorative and suggestive.
We can use them to decorate both the walls and the patio flooring. For example, an original idea  is to use mediterranean tiles as a covering of coffee and dining tables to give them a touch of colors. If you have the possibility to create an outdoor shower or even a simple fountain, you can decorate it with these colored tiles.

  • Terracotta pots

terracotta pots

Terracotta pots and ornaments are very used in a Mediterranean garden. They rappresent a symbol of  story and, above all, tradition.
We can use them not only for decorations. Terracotta pots are infact  very functional because they do not absorb the sun’s heat like the plastic ones and consequently they protect the roots.

  • Aromatic Herbs

mediterranean aromatic herbs

Aromatic herbs are always present in a Mediterranean garden. They are beautiful to see and above all they inebriate the air with natural aromas. Our advice is to get a small space reserved for their cultivation not too far from the kitchen. In this way you can collect them comfortably and consequently use them for the preparation of your dishes.

Mediterranean plants

mediterranean plants
Olive Tree

A symbol of peace and prosperity.Olive trees require a well-drained soil and a sunny position.It needs regular watering to thrive.

Lemon/ Citrus tree

The lemon is a species of small evergreen tree nowadays present all over the world in mild climate regions.The tree’s yellow fruit decorates the garden with its positive and cheerful color and  also inebriates the space with its fresh aroma.


Commonly called prickly pear,indian fig o tuna, is a genus in the cactus family. it produce a red or yellow/white fruit commonly eaten in Mexico and in the Mediterranean region.


This type of succulent plants are perennial or monocarpic, flowering only once and then dying.They exist in different type, colors and size and we can distinguish them by the leaves of different shapes, from the most elongated to the rounder ones. We can choose, for exemple, The Agave Americana or American Aloe, The Agave tequiliana or the Agave Attenuata.


Bougainvilla is a popular ornamental plant in most areas with warm climates. It is a climbing plant and usually produces three rounds of vibrant blooms in spring, summer and autumn. We can choose three different colors: white, orange and pink.