Around the world : Mar&Co – a colorful restaurant in Tel Aviv, Israel

TelAviv, Israel

Mar&Co, a colorful restaurant in Tel Aviv, Israel

We are in Tel Aviv, city of Israel, on the Mediterranean Coast.
Jaffa, its maritime district, hosts several fascinating places like the ancient port or, the artists’ quarter. These places are full of with workshops and galleries scattered around the alleyways, numerous gardens and,  first of all,  the flea market. In one of the streets of Jaffa’s flea market is located Mar & Co restaurant. This space is designed by Naomi Szwec and Noa Ben Yehuda in the beginning of the summer of 2018.

Concept : To live different experiences and cultures

Mar&Co Restaurant design

The space has been designed so that customers can choose which experience to live in the restaurant.
Tables look like little islands, some placed on the raised floor, allow a more intimate and reserved experience. Others, more traditional, fill the open space of the restaurant. In conclusion there are different ways to live this dinamic restaurant space and this kind of layout combines an urban feel with intimate seating niches.

The open kitchen-bar is the protagonist of the scene. The counter with its seating allows customers to share their breaks in a suggestive frame of colored steel

Interior Design: Colors as fresh as seafood.

Mar&Co Restaurant is inspired by the sea and its element. The main colors are torquose, petrol green and pink ( living coral – pantone of the year 2019).
The high ceiling is lowered by grid structures made with recycled building materials, such as steel rods. Hand-made lampshades, inspired by fishing nets, enhance the ceiling. Concrete, birch wood, and steel join together, in order to create an urban colorful atmosphere.

Green Details: Suspended plants

The grid structure made with colorful steel hosts a lot of green different plants.
This compositions creates a suggestive and natural frame delimiting the areas as if it were a pergola.

Our inspirational advice

Create continuity between exterior and interior spaces

Respecting the place where our commercial space is located is  very important for its design.
In a commercial design project we always try to take care of the continuity above allin order to insert it well within the urban context in which it is located.


City: Tel Aviv
Client: Mar&Co
Design team: Naomi Szwec and Noa Ben Yehuda;
Photo Credits: Ido Adan