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Maison Elle Interiors offers an easy, fast and affordable online interior design service, tought for all those who want to design or re-design their spaces. 

To make you feel at home, we want to study for you and with you a project that tells your story and that can represent you. How do we do it?  By putting at your disposal our best qualities




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Lucrezia Cirasa

Meet Lucrezia


I am Lucrezia Cirasa, born in Syracuse – Sicily, place of art, architecture and history. Perhaps it was my city that made me dream to become an architect, to go in search of beauty that tells and excites.

My Identity

I have always been linked to my family and my city. Unfortunately I knew that,if I stayed in there, I could not get them what I wanted. So I thought that to grow up I would have to learn to get by myself, despite knowing that this would involve so many renouncements and difficulties for me and  my family.

New Town, New Life

So I moved in a new city, Pescara and I started a new life made of sacrifices and determination that led me to obtain my Bachelor Degree, in Construction Engineering and ,later on, to a  Master Degree, in Interior Design.

Job Experience

In 2017 I started working at a custom-made furniture company. This is where my professional journey begans. In just one year, I experienced many satisfactions, met enthusiastic customers, closed contracts and gained a lot of know-how

The turning point

Then, the turning point: the opportunity to take care of an Interior Design project in all its details, This made understand what I really wanted: to became an independent professional Designer, being able to express my personality and to develop my own projects.

What I was missing  was the direct contact with the customer, being able to understand, even from a glance and a word what he was looking for. I wanted my projects to have my signature, rather than the one of my company; finally, i wanted to explain and to promote my own style, and to develop projects in my own way.

I wanted more, even if this meant starting all over again, without any certainty of success but with a lot of passion and love for my work.

I started creating my site and making it the image on the online market that could best represent me. From here I never stopped and Maison Elle was born. It is way more than just an online business, it is a website that would represent my style and my ambitions, that is shaped by my friendship and my hope, that aims to convey the positive message of a person who has a dream and fights to make it happen.

 I decide to work for myself, to focus on my qualities and to pursue all this with the hard-working attitude thet always pays off.

Ortenca Osmenaj

Meet Ortenca


One day I read a few words that really affected me: “There are two eternal things, that we can hope to deliver to our sons and daughters: the roots and the wings.“

Two Countries

Where do I come from? Born in Albania, made in Italy.
I feel myself Italian in every way (I came in Italy when I was one year old), but thinking of my birthplace overwhelms me in a way that I can’t explain. These are the roots: capable, although invisible, to influence our lives more than we want to admit.

Cities, houses, curiosity (from the outside to the inside)

I was fascinated by cities since i was very young. They were like living organisms for me, filled with buildings and people.For me, different people bear different stories, and stories are what  fascinate and intrigue me. This interest is what initiated the passion that would become the constant of my life: The love for architecture. The architecture that can tell whole stories and experiences by focusing on the details.

These are the wings: the dream to work in architecture and to tell people’s stories and experiences by designing their homes, their workspaces, their spaces.

In 2016 i gained a Bachelor Degree in Architecture, while in 2017 I graduated in a Master Course in Interior Design; during my university years, I also worked for an architectural studio. Sacrifices and hard work are what kept my passion alive, and despite time always seemed to be too little, perseverance and care always pay off.

And Beyond

An end  always leads to a new beginning.
For me the year 2017 marked the beginning of a new work in an Architectural Studio, in Pescara, the city where I live. A lot of satisfactions, i was enthusiast to be part of a professional team and to enage with project and clients from all over the world. I couldn’t have been more happier than this, apparently. But actually, was I really so satisfied when I came back home from work?
The truth is that this wasn’t enough for me: following projects that  didn’t feel really mine  went against everything I have always believed in. For me to design is to dig up deeply into ourselves, it means to express what we are. Design can and has to make our world beautiful. During the summer of 2018, after years of acquired experience, I decided to leave a safe employment to work for myself and  to chase my  dream.

What is it? Totell clients’ stories,to trasform them into spaces planned and designed in every detail, able to make your friends say: “ This place talks me about you!”