LmiPod: a 17 m² prefab house to escape from the city.

Many of you have already finished your summer holidays and are about to return to the office, while others have not yet started their holidays, perhaps waiting for a quieter moment.

We are officially back to work, but this does not prevent us from taking advantage of the beautiful days, and to spend a weekend away from the city. Today we are showing a novelty that could interest all nature lovers, but who do not want to give up comfort.

LumiPod: a revolutionary mobile living unit.


LumiPod is a small prefab house, ( just 17 m²) that can be placed anywhere in the world and mounted in just 2 days. This tiny house includes a bedroom with large curved and sliding windows a bathroom with a shower, and a wardrobe.

Whit a simple touch, you can knock down any barrier and and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape. In this way, you will have the feeling of being in an open space, in contact with nature, but with all the comforts of a 5-star hotel.


The interiors are minimal and sophisticated in order to adapt to any landscape. Anyway, Lumipod is customizable inside and outside with numerous types of finishing materials so that can be tailored to the requirements of the end-user.

The structure


The structure is made of steel to guarantee the level of rigidity required by the LUMICENE window. It consists of a frame placed on 4 foundation plots.

The module is clad in wood tempered with fire, following the traditional Japanese principles of Shou Sugi Ban. The use of wood contributes to the harmony between exterior and interior, creating a fusion with the nature that surrounds the structure.

LumiPod is a solution for all those who love camping and outdoor life. It is the perfect remedy for those trying to find themselves by taking refuge in nature, but without giving up comfort and, why not, style!