Loong Swim Club in Suzhou, China


Today, talking about commercial design,  we want to take you to a magical world. This place is located in Suzhou, China, and is the result of the great work of the design studio X + Living.
The Loong Swim Club sports center is much more than a recreational business.

It is a place where design has created functional spaces aimed at improving and intensifying parent-child interaction, with the help of sport and more.

But let’s see together all the features of this “wonderland”

Functional Spaces

functional spaces

The entire 2200 square metres of the Loong Swim Club club is divided into five main functional areas and some auxiliary functional areas.

The first space is the reception area with a reception desk that uses the shape of the ship, with a bow that direct customers into the next area. Passing through the reception and the shoe changing area is the reading area,important to strengthen parent-child moments.

Here we find a series of half-moon sofas, with rounded shapes and pastel colors equipped with internal bookcases.

  • Loong-swim-club-reception
  • Loong-swim-club-changing- area
  • Loong-swim-club-reception-reading -room
  • Loong-swim-club-restaurant
  • Loong-swim-club-party-room

On the left and right of the reading room are the large swimming pool and restaurant.The Pool is the most important area of the center.
It is a dream-like, stimulating and creative space, with a pink mosaic theme and black edging. Parents can observe their children from special areas dedicated to them, with windows.

The restaurant

The restaurant is a true wonderland. At the center we find Eggshell Castle, an indoor playground, with eggshell shapes, tunnels and paths where children can play and let their imagination run wild.

The mirrored ceiling also enhances the playful and fairy-like effect of the room. The party area is a large table with balloon lights coming down from the ceiling.

At the end of the structure we find the main functional area: the bathroom area, divided into a bathroom area for children and one for adults. Here too the atmosphere is playful. The centerpiece is a large chandelier with flowers, which captures the view and frees the imagination of the little ones.

Concept Design

concept design

Water is the key element of the project. Sinuous, rounded and fluid shapes flow within all spaces. Lightness and softness are present in every detail. Among the architectural elements we find arches and columns, like a revisitation of the Roman baths.

The young architect Li Xiang has been able to grasp the needs of children and their families and help them to improve and better appreciate the moments spent together, through sports education and the various activities offered by the center. All with a “magic” touch that not only children appreciate.


Client: Loong Swim Club
Location: Suzhou, China
Architect : X+Living http://www.xl-muse.com/

Photocredit : Shao Feng