Today starts our monthly column “ When food creates spaces”, dedicated to one of my greates passion: The Art of Cooking. Specifically we will discover together all those restaurants whose design perfectly reflects the personality and the dishes of those who create them.

We will go in search of the most famous chefs of the world and we’ll see if they have been able to transmit their passion even in their restaurants.

As a lover of Italian cuisine, I decided to tell you the story of one of the most quoted women chefs in Italy, Antonia Klugman, and her restaurant L’Argine a Vencò.

Antonia Klugman chef

The Cookery of L’Argine a Vencò

Antonia’s cuisine is strongly linked to the territory (Dolenga del Collio, Gorizia, borderland between Italy and Slovenia). It is based on the seasonality of the local products to create elegant and creative compositions and dishes.

Herbs, vegetables and fruits come from her garden and are the main theme of her dishes.In conclusion, a “green” kitchen that reduces waste and enhances the raw materials of the land.

‘What really excites me is working with something that people don’t think of as a precious ingredient. I love to see the beauty where others cannot.

 Invention is always the result of a past knowledge, experience or tradition. This is what people find when they taste my dishes.’

Will Antonia Klugman have succeeded in communicating this even in the design of her restaurant? Let’s see it now!

The Restaurant Design

Vineyards, woods, nature. Antonia’s work on the Argine a Vencò, opened in 2014, is very successfull and reflects perfectly all the peculiarities that we find in her dishes.

Her small restaurant, with only 15 seats, is situated in an old mill in the province of Gorizia . The space is cozy, bright and elegant in its simplicity.

The pastel green used both inside and outside in two different shades, is the protagonist of the space along with large windows that create continuity between the hall and the countryside.

The light wood of the ceiling and floor contributes to and underline the sense of naturalness that is strongly felt in her cookery.

Well done Antonia!

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Lucrezia Cirasa


City:Dolenga del Collio,Gorizia,Italy

Photo Credits: Mattia Mionetto