Lagerfeld: 10 best sets

Karl Lagerfeld

Stylist, photographer, set designer. Genial, eclectic, reserved. Visionary, eccentric, perfectionist. All this and much more was Karl Lagerfeld. An unique mind that has gone through the world of fashion and design, leaving an indelible mark. Black, like the color that was absolutely his favourite. Black, like the emptiness left in the fashion industry.

In this article we want to retrace 10 of his most beautiful sets. We want to remember him through images, rather than through words. Because we all know who Karl Lagerfed was. But not everyone knows how much Karl Lagerfeld has contributed in making the combination Architecture-Fashion special and inimitable. A voice always attentive to the incessant search for beauty. Because it is beauty that saves us from habit. It is the beauty we carry within us, within our mind, that can change the world.

10.Revolution on the Runway

Lagerfeld. Revolution on the Runway

The Grand Palais turns into a Parisian street. Women dressed in Chanel clothes, come together in a protest in favour of women’s rights. A real feminist revolution.

Bright colors, perfect scenography, great communicative power. Karl Lagerfeld uses the catwalk as an expedient to deal with strong, important themes. Tenth place for this roaring parade!

Lagerfeld. Revolution on the Runway2

9.At the Supermarket

Lagerfeld. At the Supermarket

The Grand Palais is transformed into a Supermarket. Here the models put on show the different looks and the different ways of understanding the act of shopping. From casual clothing up to the elegant one. All, of course, signed Chanel.

Fluo, pastel and also natural colors. Heterogeneity, wellness and order. Under the banner of a renewed way of taking care of ourself. Ninth place for this colorful catwalk!

Lagerfeld. At the Supermarket2

8.A dolls house

Lagerfeld. A dolls house

This time the Grand Palais becomes a house. A dollhouse, but this time the dolls are human. Models that become dolls. Models who, immobile in their pose, make us all come back in time when we was little girls.

Wood, nature and sky. Black and white for clothes, in the name of eternal beauty, elegance and the right formality. Eighth place for this experimental catwalk!

Lagerfeld. A dolls house

7.The Great Wall

Lagerfeld. The Great Wall

Fendi moves to the East and more precisely recreates the magnificence of the Great Wall. The models parade takes place in the magic of the most important symbol of China. And they also fly us into another dimension.

Evening lights, hills and atmosphere. White, black and red for clothes, full of greatness and composure. Seventh place for this fairy-tale show!

Lagerfeld. The Great Wall 2

6.Apocalypse Now!

Lagerfeld. Apocalypse Now

Chanel simulates an apocalyptic scenario at the Grand Palais. The models walk between an audience characterized by the presence of rubble and a decayed stage. A stage on which a gash opens up on another reality. A reality that transports us and makes us fly with the mind.

Neutral colors and breathtaking views. White, black and gray for clothes, characterized by drama and indestructible resistance. Sixth place for this apocalyptic parade!

Lagerfeld. Apocalypse Now2

5.Great Coral Reef

Lagerfeld. Great Coral Reef

This time we descend into the maritime depths. The Coral Reef takes the place of the Grand Palais. And we are captivated by the beauty of the forms and the variety of species that appear in front of our eyes. Everything appears in enlarged dimensions, as if a magnifying glass had been used!

An unexpected and unsuspected journey. Pastel tones for clothes, in the name of an incredible and unforgettable context. Fifth place for this fairy-tale catwalk!

Lagerfeld. Great Coral Reef2

4.Paris in Rome

Lagerfeld. Paris in Rome

Paris moved to Rome for one evening. Chanel exceeds all limits and manages to bring the magic of two enchanting cities, in one location. So we can’t do anything else but dream!

City corners, streets, bars and subway stations. Leather and modernity for clothes, in the name of the Parisian dream and fascination. Fourth place for this enchanting experiment!

Lagerfeld. Paris in Rome2

3.Villa Chanel

Lagerfeld. Villa Chanel

A villa signed Chanel. A view on a fantastic garden, which becomes the set of this showy spectacle. We are spectators of a true and proper party. A family party to which we are all invited.

Scenic staircase, dominance of the green and enchanted paths. Classic lines and colors for clothes, in the name of magnificence and luxury. Third place for this sophisticated location!

Lagerfeld. Villa Chanel2

2.Fontana di Trevi

Lagerfeld. Fontana di Trevi

A real context for this surreal show. Fendi aims to remain indelible in our memories. And it succeeds, thanks to the magic of an evening in Rome, which recalls the times of the Dolce Vita!

Transparent walkway, Trevi Fountain and Rome in the evening. Evening dresses and soft lines, characterized by lightness and magic. Second place for this amazing show!

Lagerfeld. Fontana di Trevi2

1.Lagerfeld home library

Lagerfeld. Home Library

This is not a set of a show, nor a fiction. This is Karl Lagerfeld’s private show! The most intimate reality of the designer comes out in his favorite place. His library!

Horizontally stacked books, staircases and design objects. Polychromy and variety of styles, in the name of culture and the immense love for knowledge. First place for this place of soul, where we recognize the deepest Lagerfeld!

Lagerfeld. Home Library2

Au revoir, Mr Lagerfeld!