This is the keyword to define the kitchen trends of 2019.

Designed to be lived and to be integrated with the style of the living area of our homes, the kitchen becomes more adaptable to the rhythms of life and the habits of those who live it.

kitchen trends 2019

Digital technology continue to drive innovations and new pleasures in the kitchen. Shelves and containers design allow you to have everything organized and tidy. In this way cooking operations are simpler in order to save time. All of this is always designed with a special consideration to aesthetics.

The choice of the island, with or without a hob, is now essential. It becomes the fulcrum of the entire room, especially if integrated to a resealable dining table or a practical snack for breakfast or a quick meal.

For those who have little spaces and do not like to have everything in sight, a perfect solution is the foldaway kitchen. Large sliding doors allow you to hide the entire cooking area, as if it were a real closet.


This year, in addition to the indispensable ever-current neutral colors that refer to nature, we have new protagonists. Kitchen trends 2019 are GREEN, from the clearest shades of SAGE to the deepest  PETROL, and the elegant and refined BLUE. It makes room for stronger and more decisive shades, setting aside pastel colors.


Wood, steel and cement remain at the top of the list of the most used materials in the kitchens 2019. The new entries are MARBLE and GLASS, that are used for example in the top and sides of the island or as a splashback in order to create a continuity effect with the plan.

Our advice

Being up-to-date on the latest news and trends is important. Even more is design a kitchen custom made to the person or family who lives it. A kitchen studied in every detail, personalized according to your lifestyle and your needs makes the difference inside a home.

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