Three inspirational Kids bedroom decor ideas for you to copy.

Kids bedroom decor is always a challenge. Their imagination and their creativity have no limits and lead us into fantastic little colored worlds.It is important to stimulate them and make them feel safe. The bedroom is definitely the place where they spend most of the time.

Today we will see together 3 different styles for the rooms of your children.


safari kid's bedroom

Animals, nature, exploration. A bedroom suitable for the most curious and braves. To recreate a space for  adventurous kids, we have to use natural colors  with a touch of green in its different shades.

Wooden beds and writing desks help us to create a natural atmosphere as well as cushions and rattan details.

Very important in an explorer’s bedroom is the small Indian teepee with a beautiful carpet in natural fibers and cushions to create a reading corner. Adding a wallpaper or a picture with the different countries of the world can be an excellent decorative and educational choice.


flamingos kids bedroom

Everyone loves Pink Flamingos, especially little girls. We have to recreate tropical atmospheres.
The ideal colors are pink, green and all pastel shades. Succulents, pineapples and leaves are very suitable elements to this colorful and fashionable style.


circus kids bedroom

The  circus-style bedroom is the dream of many children. Being catapulted into the fantastic world of circus takes you in a coloful and magical atmosphere.
Red is the main color to use in this case, along with yellow and blue. Plushes elephants, drums, colorful hula hoops help to make the bedroom a real stage where kids can perform and play.

Be inspired by these kids room styles

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  • kids bedroom slide 2
  • kids bedroom slide 1