J50 apartment in Milan

J50 apartment in Milan is the new project by Tenca & Associati studio. The owners, a family of 4, with two small children, asked the architects for spaces and environments that were versatile but communicating with each other through a harmonious dialogue of colors and shapes.

Arches, curtains and colors.

J50 apartment-milan

Arches and curtains are fundamental separation elements which, at the same time, become points of connection between one space and another. In this way the passages and the paths inside the apartment become harmonious and make the spaces even more accessible.

Colors are equally fundamental. They communicate with each other, creating forms and games and shaping the whole apartment. The living room’s sugar paper wall communicates with the powder pink of the dining room which, in turn, introduces the gray niche of the kitchen.

The mustard yellow of the curtains and arches was used instead for the separating elements.


J50 apartment-kitche-dining room

The living room, in soft colors, is characterized by a few furnishing elements, such as the Ikea Gröndal rocking chair and the Maison du Monde Itapema chair.
A white boiserie divides the walls and adds an extra touch to the space.

The jungle-style wallpaper dominates the wall of the dining room, where we also find the kitchen, gray, which stands out from the pastel tones of the rest of the house.

J50 apartment-bedrooms-bathroom

The most intimate spaces in the bedrooms reflect the style of the living area. Pastel tones and light nuances, enhanced by the wallpaper, Lemon green Watercolor and Kobe applique by Maison du Monde.

A few simple touches also revolutionize the bathroom: the insertion of a bow before the bathtub and the use of antique pink.

Urban Green

J50 apartment-urban-green

To further reconcile the architectural composition is the use of green, hence the name of the project J50 (Jungle 50), which stands for 50% jungle.
The apartment is in fact marked by a strong presence of plants and references to vegetation, such as wallpaper in the dining room and in the bedroom.

This helps to give character and energy to the whole context and to improve it in terms of air quality.


Location: Milan
Architects: Tenca & Associati 
Photochedits: Riccardo Gasperoni