Wallpapers are increasingly used in interior spaces. They are a real interior trends, that give personality and style to bedrooms, living room and also to bathroom and kitchen. Wallpaper’s companies create patterns for all tastes, from classic to contemporary style.

What leads us to choose a wallpaper rather than a covering or a painting? Surely the fact of being able to enter our homes or in a commercial space and escape from the reality that surrounds us through images that remind us of places, moments and pleasant sensations.

Let’s discover together 4 inspirational wallpapers themes for your home!

Geometric Vintage

geometric vintage wallpapers

A wallpaper collection ispired by the ’20s and ’30s.
This collection is It is characterized by different geometric patterns and bold colors, such as blue and mustard yellow.
This style gives our homes a retro touch, nostalgic but always trendy.

Exotic Animalier

exotic animalier wallpapers

These wallpapers take us into the magical atmospheres of exotic lands.
Wild nature, animals, warm and bright colors are the protagonists of these bright wallpapers that allow us to travel in the countries of Africa, Asia, India and South America.

3D Effect

3d wallpapers

This collection is the one that creates more of all movement and dynamism in our spaces.
With games of shadows, perspectives and ottic effects these wallpapers can create tactile sensations of matter. Some of them look like real sculptures, while others recreate the effects of fabrics and materials


japanese wallpapers

Relaxing oriental atmospheres characterize these wallpapers.
They are perfect for those fascinated by the magical world of Japan and its traditions. Among the elements of this collection we find natural ones like cherry blossoms and bamboo but also scenes of Japanese life and symbols of this fantastic land.