5 ways to live a library space

books lovers

“Any room in our house at any time in the day was there to read in or to be read to.”
 Eudora Welty

Today we want to dedicate our new article to all the books lovers.
Books are one of our passions and we think that every home needs a space dedicated to reading, wheter it is a whole room or simply a small corner of the house. No technology can match the feeling of a book in your hands and that’s why we should take care of this beautiful objects by designing a cozy and intimate space that show them.

Let’s discover togheter 5 ways to live an home library space.

1 – White library

white library

If you are lovers of total white style this is the home library for you. This choise is certainly the one that gives greater emphasis to books, making them protagonist of the space. White, in fact, will highlight your favorite books showing at best their different covers. Books in this way give colors to the total white room.

2 – Reading nooks

reading nooks

What’s better than natural light to read a good book in total relaxation?
If space allow it, you can create a reading nook with bookshelves and window seats. You can decorate it with  beautiful pillows, choosing colors and fabrics that you like and that are more suited to your style and personality.

3 – In & Around stairs

stairs bookshelves

If you have little space in your home, a good solution is to take advantage from stairs area.
You can choose whether to exploit the wall beside stairs, or the underlying part. Anyhow the best choise is the simplicity and the minimal style. Following the line of stair’s steps you can design a lovely library for your home.

4 – Library & Fireplace

library and fireplace

In a cold winter day, reading a book in front of the lit fireplace is a magical moment. Designing bookshelves together with the fireplace is the most romantic way to live this space. What is indispensable in a room like that? Certainly a warm and comfortable armchair.

5 – Blue Library

blue library

According to color psychology, blue is the one that best adapts to a space dedicated to reading.
Blue, besides having calming and relaxing effects, is the color of knowledge and intellect. Designing a blue bookcase, in its different shades, helps to have moments of reflection and concentration. If you love this color, this is the best choice for you!