Green Solutions: for each problem its plants

Green solutions. Furnishing a home also means, above all, taking care of the psycho-physical well-being of those who live there. So this our new column is entirely dedicated to the green world. Why? Because plants are a natural cure-all for our environments and for our health.

This section is intended to show you how plants can constitute a right solution to some problems, related to our interior spaces. The plants in fact constitute real green solutions. We can indeed solve the problems of our home through the right plant. It is therefore essential to know how to choose carefully and in a prudent way.

Green solutions. So let’s see together what they are!


Green solutions_Zamia

If your home suffers the lack of light, surely the optimal choice is to bypass this defect with the right tricks. Among the green solutions that we prefer, there is the choice of an ideal plant for an environment of this type.

 Zamia is the optimal solution. This is in fact an indoor plant capable of living very well even in low light conditions. It is also a plant that needs very little water. You can therefore water it even once a week. It is one of the most popular office plants and it is perfect for poorly lit corners of our home.


Green solutions_Chlorophytum

If your space is small, you will certainly need to make the most of every inch. Among the most suitable green solutions is to prefer plants that can be positioned anywhere in our home.

Chlorophytum is perfect for all those environments where the presence of large floor vases would be too much. This beautiful houseplant can be grown in hanging containers. But beware of the currents!


Green solutions_Sanseveria

If you are a person who travels a lot and therefore not very present in your home, then the ideal choice is to bypass the presence factor. The targeted green solutions certainly include plants that do not require special care.

A very resistant houseplant is certainly Sanseveria. A touch of green with high-performance aesthetics and ideal characteristics: ability to withstand the dark and little need for water. It also seems to have an excellent ability to purify the air.


Green solutions_Aromatic Plants

If you love cooking and spending most of your time in this environment, you will surely want everything here to be perfect. The optimal green solution is therefore to choose plants that can combine business with pleasure.

Aromatic plants are the right solution. They clearly represent a big world, made up of the most common species and others to be discovered, but all certainly able to give a touch of originality to our kitchens. You can also think, in case you have the space, of building small domestic greenhouses to grow these plants during all the year!


Green solutions_Aloe

If you are lucky enough to have well-lit outdoor spaces, you will certainly want to make the most of them. At this point among the most suitable green solutions there are those plants that are able to live well outdoors and need plenty of light.

Aloe is one of the most suitable plants in situations like this. It is a succulent plant that lives well in sunny environments and needs little water. Everyone obviously knows the many benefits, but in addition to being useful for our well-being, it is also a plant capable of purifying the air and therefore making its quality better!

Which of these is the best solution for your environment? Let us know in the comments. You can find the previous appointment here, in case you missed it! At the next green appointment, Lucrezia and Ortenca!