Green Outdoor

Green Outdoor

Furnishing a home also means, above all, taking care of the psycho-physical well-being of those who live there. Here we are at the end of our column, entirely dedicated to the green world. Why? But because plants are surely a natural cure-all for our environments and for our health.

This appointment is all dedicated to outdoor spaces. Green outdoors, especially. Surely one of the most difficult tasks of this period is to re-arrange our exteriors. But how? What are the best solutions for a super functional, ecological and at the same time aesthetically performing  green outdoor?

Green outdoor.Let’s find out how to create it step by step.

Creating a green outdoor : the main steps

Green Outdoor_how to create it

If you have an unused outdoor space available, the ideal solution is certainly to turn it into a green outdoor. We follow these simple steps together to prepare the environment to welcome your corner of relaxation and well-being.

1) Start by the floor, which will require waterproofing;

2) prepare therefore the irrigation system on the floor and make any planters;

3) lay the chosen floor, bearing in mind to opt for good quality materials suitable for the exterior;

4) prepare then a structure that allows to create a pergola, able to visibly improve the aesthetics of our space;

5) ensure the right insulation of the perimeter walls, perhaps through a “flap”,  by positioning a waterproofing sheath.

6) choose at least the right species, preferring perennials that can survive all year.

Taking care of your green space: what to do in September

Green Outdoor_how to take care of it

For a flawless green outdoor, a few gestures are enough. Starting from the external space at your disposal, if already set up, you won’t have to do anything but follow these simple steps.

1) Proceed, first of all, to a general cleaning of the dry, cutting all the dead or yellowed parts;

2) remove all the plant debris from the soil and move it superficially to level it;

3) distribute then a fertilizer with little nitrogen, so as not to stimulate the growth of new shoots, but rich in phosphorus and potassium for a better resistance to the cold that will come;

4) perform a pest control;

5) check  therefore the stability of the vertical plants and arrange to tie them to stakes or to the wall, so that they are not damaged during the autumn and winter.

Whether your outdoor green is to be created or already exists, all that remains is to follow these simple steps to take care of  your green outdoor. Until next time, Lucrezia and Ortenca!