Geometric Gym

Today we are in the faboulous city of Dubai. The city where imagination becomes reality and everything, even extreme architecture, is possible. There are in this place so many fascinating things to see, that is not possible to not talk about it. We want to show you a wonderful geometric gym, that is located inside a shopping center. A geometric gym in Dubai, therefore.

Geometric Gym_Dubai

VSHD Design planned this geometric gym in every detail, using a brutalist style that surely makes this place interesting. The gym is the latest outpost from fitness company Warehouse Gym. It already has five branches across the city. For the Springs Souk location of Warehouse Gym, the design studio  VSHD Design wanted to create an exercise space with an “underground feel” for “serious workouts”.

So, let’s take a look inside this geometrical space!

Brutalist Interiors

The interior takes cues from brutalist architecture and features raw stamped concrete walls, beams and columns. The will is surely to create a space that focuses the attention on the customer needs. A geometric gym that is capable in its simplicity to satisfy every desire, then.

Existing concrete beams, columns and walls were combined with strategically placed new partitions to define distinct zones for different aspects of training. As a result, every space has its own function.

  • Geometric Gym_brutalist interiors 1
  • Geometric Gym_brutalist interiors 2
  • Geometric Gym_brutalist interiors 3

Lights and functions

Geometric Gym_lights and functions

A geometric gym where lights have, for sure, a great importance.  A coffered ceiling conceals an elaborate network of advanced lighting technology that’s designed to further emphasise the gym’s underground feel.

This type of lighting system can create a variety of moods and accentuate, therefore, individual spaces and activities. Circular niches have also been carved out of the ceiling and backlit to appear as faux skylights.

  • Geometric Gym_lights and functions 1
  • Geometric Gym_lights and functions 2
  • Geometric Gym_lights and functions 3

Mirrors and reflections

Geometric Gym_mirrors and reflections

An interesting geometric gym with an interesting use of mirrors. Mirrors have surely been positioned so that they reflect each other, creating a seemingly endless repetition of circles.

“The mirrors create the illusion of an infinite light tunnel, collectively reflecting to create a sense of unlimited space and light” said the studio.

So the space result as a system where every single datail has its essential importance. This is certainly a great project, where form and function go together.

  • Geometric Gym_mirrors and reflections1
  • Geometric Gym_mirrors and reflections2
  • Geometric Gym_mirrors and reflections3

What do you think of this project? Tell us in comments. See you soon!

Lucrezia & Ortenca

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