Flowers and lines for your Interiors

Flowers and lines. Summer is almost here and we are about to welcome the most awaited season of the year. Seasunlight-heartednessrelaxation. Summer is certainly a condition of the soul, more than just a time of year. The desire to live with greater lightness and to find, as a result, the right balance in a right mix between commitment and leisure.

What are, therefore, the trends for this Summer 2019What are the right decor ideas for our Interiors? How can we give a new look to our interiors, with small, simple, but effective changes? We have selected for you 10 Summer Decor Ideas, which will not only give new life to your spaces, but will also be able to change your mood. So, this is the second appointment of our column dedicated to Summer Interior Decor.

Being able to transform ourselves and to fully experience the changes in our lives means just that. The ability to smile and welcome every news. Summer as a symbol of positivity. A positivity that must invade our environments through colors, shapesnew ways of living space. Because you can always renew and change the skin of your home, without necessarily having to spend too much. So let’s see together the first 3 Summer Decor Ideas for your Interiors. It’s all about flowers and lines.


Flowers and lines_flower decor ideas

Plants and flowers are a must have for a summer-scented house. Jars of aromatic herbs for the kitchen and small bouquets of wildflowers for the dining room. Choose simple glass vases or ceramic vases, to emphasize the genuine beauty of freshly picked flowers. Flawers and lines, of course!

In summer it is certainly nice to insert flowers even at home, able to immediately put in a good mood and to give our rooms a simply exceptional light. Among the flowers that manage to live without difficulty even in the apartment we must remember the Gardenia. Its white flowers have velvety to the touch and are very elegant and delicate. They are also very fragrant. There are many varieties of this summer flower, but the most widespread for indoor environments is certainly the gardenia jasminoides. The flowering actually begins with spring, but continues until late summer.


Flowers and lines_lines decor ideas

Summer lines. Stripes are currently in fashion, becoming equally interesting in the interior furnishing sector, also important during the design phase. So flowers and lines that make beautiful our environments for the most beloved season of the year.

The strips can be thick or thin, horizontal or vertical, suitable for furnishing homes or offices, and inspire particular energy in interiors. Various solutions can be added with the addition of strips for the various furnishings. The strips are in the walls or wallpapers, on the carpets, in the paintings, but they can also be used for fabrics, curtains or armchairs or sofas. Color is an important element to consider: black and white are okay for interiors with elegant or sober characteristics. Red extends for energy, green for vitality. It’s certainly your choice!

3.Outdoor garden

Flowers and lines_garden decor ideas

Summer is an outdoor garden. To make gardens and balconies cozy even in the evening, take care of outdoor lights. Chinese lamps, lights and lanterns not only illuminate, but also give a special atmosphere of romance and intimacy, for long nights outdoors. Just hang a couple of lights on the balcony walls, to spend nice evenings here with friends. And how to make it cozy, if not with flowers and lines?

Having a large terrace, that allows you to live in the best possible way the hottest days of the year, is undoubtedly a real fortune. But also having balconies, even if small, is important, because they are real windows on the outside world, that offer the possibility of enriching their façade with plants and flowers of every type.

What will be the next Summer Decor Ideas? Do you love flowers and lines? Bye for now!