Flooded London

Flooded London, a theme that the studio Squint/Opera has choose to show us as the City could change its face. So digital design studio Squint/Opera has reissued a series of speculative visualisations that will left us speechless. They show London in 2090 when climate change has left much of the city under water.

Flooded London_view 1

The Flooded London series, first created in 2008, shows therefore how citizens might adapt to catastrophic rising temperatures and sea levels. So let’s see an underwater London.


“The world is currently standing on the verge of a potential climate catastrophe and therefore these images have become more relevant than ever,” – said Squint/Opera.

Flooded London_view 2

So with these words the founding director Alice Britton explains why the studio has decided to reissue the images. A Flooded London that lives underwater. A real scenario, that wants to tell us a story, the story of an emergence. So we are all called to answer to it.

“Last month the UK became the first country to declare a climate emergency, and we felt it was the right time to revisit these images. This therefore to help Londoners imagine how the seemingly abstract concept of climate change might affect their everyday lives, through familiar parts of the city.”– the Studio says.


Flooded London_view 3

The images, that are “curiously utopian”, were initially created for a 2008 exhibition in London and depict a vision of the city in 2090. A series of Flooded London images, that left us wondering about how these scenarios could become real. One image, therefore, shows a man dressed in swimming trunks, preparing to dive from the Whispering Gallery into the flooded nave of the abandoned and overgrown St Paul’s Cathedral.

“So the scenes present London as a tranquil utopia with the architecture of the distant rat race suspended below the water. The people in each scene appear to be relaxed and happy in their environment.” – Squint/Opera says.


Flooded London_view 4

In another image, two women are fishing from an abandoned office block at Canary Wharf. While in another a man and a woman are squatting in what was once the Tate Modern art gallery. So they are trying to generate electricity using a pedal-powered contraption made of found machinery. A powerful flooded London that left us without words.

“We were fascinated by the future of cities and how humans respond to changing environments through technology and human behaviour,” – said Britton.

Flooded London_view 5

While scientists agree that climate change will cause sea levels to rise, scientific studies have also predicted a wide range of possible scenarios. As a result they range from 50cm to two metres by the end of the twenty-first century.

So what do you think about that? Could these images become a reality?
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