Entryway Design Tips

The Entryway of our houses is much more than just a passage area.
It is the calling card of our homes, what catches our eye when we walk through the front door and what welcomes our visitors and friends.
Although small and limited, the entrance can become welcoming and functional with the right design and style choices.
In this article we will see together some ideas to design it in the best way.

Multifunctional furniture


A strategic solution for the entrance area is to insert a single multi-function piece of furniture that contains a convenient hanger space, drawers and shelves and maybe even a mirror to give a final look at the look before leaving the house. For example, if your entrance faces the living room directly, you can choose self-supporting furniture that will also serve as separators.



This is one of the most frequent Entryway design tips, also suitable for those with limited space and want to fill the empty wall.
The consolles are comfortable and functional. Among the various models there are the extendable ones, which can be used as a table when needed.
Combine it with a wall mirror or paintings, a table lamp and poufs to be placed under, not bulky.

Modular furniture


Flexible, adaptable and not bulky. The modular models, suspended or floor-mounted, allow us to create the entryway to our taste. This is a suitable solution for the most creative people. Mixing different shapes, colors and materials you can indulge in creating compositions.
But be careful not to overdo it. The entrance must always be sober and harmonious.

Library effect


And if instead the entrance turned into a small reading corner?
If space allows, you can choose a suspended or free-standing bookcase and combine it with a comfortable armchair and a floor lamp.
This solution is perfect for all the booklslovers that want create a home corner dedicated to reading their favorite books.

These are just a few possible EntryWay design tips. However, there are important elements to consider and not to be underestimated.
First of all the lighting, which must not be too strong and blinding. Whether it’s a floor lamp, ceiling spotlights or wall lights, the important thing is the effect that light has on the environment, which must welcome and relax.
Another important element is color. You can choose to paint the wall and choose neutral furnishings or the opposite. If instead you want to give even more personality and character to your home entrance, choose a wallpaper that can represent you and your home.