Empathy Suite in Las Vegas

Empathy Suite. Today we are going to go in the city of excess. The Sin City par excellence: Las Vegas. How could we expect a modest hotel, with a modest suite, signed by a modest architect? Absolutely impossible! Because an eccentric city requires an eccentric and excessive vision of its artifacts. A multifaceted and even bizarre look.

Who better than Damien Hirst could accept this challenge? Indeed, the works of the famous artist decorate and literally pervade the Empathy Suite at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. One of the 5 Sky Villas of the American resort. Real suites/villas, which enjoy hallucinatory panoramic views of the city.

Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas

The Empathy Suite is designed by the New York architectural firm Bentel & Bentel and the local studio Klai Juba Wald Architects. While the artistic project is curated by Damien Hirst, an English artist, who creates for these interiors a set at the limits of reality. So let’s get together in another dimension, including sharks, butterflies, pills and diamonds!

Concept: a Museum in a Suite

«The Empathy Suite is not just a room full of works of art: it is itself a work of art»– Damien Hirst-

Empathy Suite_concept

Hirst’s artistic project is part of the wider renovation project, strongly desired by the owners of the Palms Casino Resort, Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta. They are moved by their passion for art and want to make the hotel a true art place. A place where visitors can experiment the thrilling experience of living inside a Museum. Between works of art and unbridled luxury.

«I love what Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta did with the Palms»– Hirst says- «It’s amazing to be able to work with them because they are great collectors and understand the art world perfectly».

The Empathy Suite becomes the kingdom of Hirst. From furniture to fabrics, on which his designs stand out, up to his works. The Suite collects as many as six. Among these:

  • Winner / Loser, or two bull sharks in formaldehyde suspended in a pool of water;
  • Here For A Good Time Not a Long Time, a giant fishbone, suspended above the bar;
  • Monet, a translucent cabinet containing a collection of pills, reproduced on vinyl;
  • The Winner Takes It All, another locker containing a plentiful supply of gems and zircons;
  • Casino Royale, collection of 10 panels depicting butterflies painted on glass.
  • Sharks and Butterflies_Damien Hirst
  • Diamonds_Damien Hirst
  • Pills_Damien Hirst

Interior Design: pure luxury

The Empathy Suite is 836 square meters wide and can accommodate up to over 50 people. Its large spaces and the presence of continuous glass windows make the spatiality become fluid and sinuous. A continuum between inside and outside. Between city and building. As if to remember the context within which the Suite has been conceived. Las Vegas of excesses, Las vegas hallucinating and hallucinogenic.

Empathy Suite_the Interior Design

The unbridled luxury, which permeates spatiality and every detail, even the most superfluous one, makes theatricality even more accentuated. Luxury, art, comfort: the environments respond to these three keywords.

Inside this Sky Villa, which occupies two entire floors of the Palms Casino Resort, the guest will live in a dream home, where the only word absent is “lack”. There are:

  • two bedrooms;
  • three bathrooms;
  • salons with all kinds entertainment;
  • personal spa;
  • bar with counter for 13 people;
  • theater with cinema;
  • terrace over the city;
  • entirely glazed swimming pool.

The file rouge that brings together the whole, creating a single system, is the work of Hirst himself. Luxury crossed by sharks, butterflies, pills and diamonds!

  • Interior Design_Bedrooms
  • Interior Design_Bathrooms
  • Interior Design_Living rooms
  • Interior Design_Bar+Play room
  • Interior Design_Terrace+Pool

The detail that makes the difference: a Suite for a few people

A more than elitist Suite. To make it so is its price, or the “modest” figure of $ 100,000 per night. With a mind-boggling figure for mere mortals, the Empathy Suite wins first place among the most expensive suites in the world.

Empathy Suite: the most expensive in the world

It is, however, after the intervention of the artist that the Suite has doubled its value. Previously it costs “only” $ 40,000. The idea at the base is not only that (already in itself more unique than rare) of being able to admire exclusively the artist’s personal exposition, but the possibility of entering physically and mentally in his imagination. A tour in the heart of Hirst’s work and imagination.

The price also includes a series of additional services, such as the presence of a 24-hour butler, a car with a driver, a private tour of the hotel’s works of art and $ 10,000 to spend in the hotel Casino.

Our inspired advice

Treat yourself to an evening in the Empathy Suite, for an unforgettable experience between art and luxury.

Damien Hirst

Obviously we’re kidding. We are perfectly aware of the astonishing amount of accommodation! But we want to share with you an important inspiration, we’ve learned from the restructuring experience put in place at the Palms Casino Resort. It is the the importance of art within architecture. The combination of art and architecture, in fact, appears to be essential and intrinsic in the nature of the artifacts. Art manages to elevate architecture to an otherworldly level, above materiality. Art is able to create atmospheres and worlds, capable of involving and hypnotizing the visitor.

“Use” and dare with works of artists dear to you. Let art enter your activities and you will see that the effect will be able to steal your guests’ hearts. Art will be able to leave an indelible mark in the chosen spatiality, as a tacit symbiosis between the material and the immaterial.

See you on our next blog post!

City: Las Vegas (NV); Client: Palm Casino Resort
Architects: Bentel & Bentel, Klai Juba Wald Architects ; Design team: Damien Hirst; Photo Credits: Palms Casino Resort
Sitography: http://www.damienhirst.com/ ; http://www.palms.com/