Ellen’s Home

Ellen's home in LA

Known by most for her role as Meredith Gray in the famous TV series Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo is certainly one of the best-known actresses on the small screen. She has been consecrated by Forbes, in the year 2015, as the fourth highest paid television actress. Besides being a very good actress, Ellen also has her own production company, which collaborates and has collaborated with great labels. A professional at 360 degrees, therefore. But also a wife and a wonderful mother. A symbol of strength and grandeur for all of us women.

Ellen Pompeo. American actress and producer, born in 1969. Alias: beautiful, charming and enchanting. A mix of strength and kindness that leaves you speechless. Ellen appears in all its simplicity, as only true beauty can afford. A simple and measured beauty, therefore, but at the same time capable of surprising. Like Ellen’home in Los Angeles: a mix between a solemn, classic and a vibrant, ultra-modern content.

«Reinvention is invention. »

Ellen Pompeo_actress and producer

Ellen’s home mantra. Actress Ellen Pompeo collaborated with decorator Martyn Lawrence Bullard on a dramatic transformation of a 1930s Los Angeles villa for her young family. Located in the Los Feliz neighborhood, the 16,000-square-foot Mediterranean-style villa, was thought and designed by the architect Paul Revere Williams. The client was Antonio Moreno, a silent-film matinee idol. By the time Pompeo and Ivery acquired the property in 2009, it had lost much of its original charm.

«…giving the house the attention it desperately needed…»-Ellen says.

So she enlisted L.A. decorator Martyn Lawrence Bullard, with whom she’s designed two previous homes. Together they conceived a metamorphosis attuned to the vibrant spirit of a design-savvy actress at the top of the Tinseltown game today.

So let’s discover together the architectural features and the interiors of Ellen’s home in Los Angeles, California!

The Architecture: a revival of age

Ellen's home architecture_a revival of age

«The house was scrubbed of patina over the years, so we went to great lengths to revive a sense of age and dignity»– Bullard explains.

Ellen’s home: a revival of age. The will is to take the building down to its studs. Pompeo and Bullard seized, therefore, the opportunity to rethink everything, from room configurations and spatial flow to materials and finishes.

In the area behind the house, what had been a steep, somewhat inaccessible wilderness, is now a terraced playland with a stone double staircase, that leads down to a swimming pool and cabana worthy of Esther Williams. Designed with the L.A. firm Inner Gardens, the landscape also features an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven and a kitchen garden for vegetables, fruit trees, and a chicken coop. As a result there is another magical world in Ellen’home.

«It’s a total organic fantasy»-Bullard says.

  • Ellen's home_outdoor views
  • Ellen's home_pool and veranda

At the front of the house, a drab courtyard become a Mediterranean-style garden replete with 50-year-old olive trees, a 19th-century French fountain, and a generous dining setup. For convenience Bullard added a set of French doors leading directly to the manorial kitchen, thought and designed in order to contain lots of friend and family. A house, therefore, that is first of all a family place where to stay together and share our passions.

The Interiors: a vibrant reinvention of calssic

Ellen's home interiors_a renovation of classic

Ellen’s home: interiors that reinvente the clasic with modern vibrant tones. Classical shapes and architecture, that contains modern interiors. A game of contrasts and styles, that make this house unique.

«Everything has been done before, so the question becomes, How do you take something classic and make it fresh for a new generation? »

In Ellen Pompeo’s living there is an arresting painting by Claire Fontaine. It remarks the collaboration between Marc Jacobs and artist Richard Prince. The duo, in fact, puckishly updated Louis Vuitton’s venerable handbags.

«When something is so respected, you can turn it into something else, so that you are looking at it anew»-the piece reads-«Reinvention is invention.»

This quote is referring to the 1930 house Ellen shares with her husband, music producer Chris Ivery, and their two daughters, five-year-old Stella Luna and baby Sienna May. Thanks to a recent top-to-bottom makeover, it’s the very soul of reinvention.

  • Ellen's home_living room
  • Ellen's home_kitchen and dining
  • Ellen's home_kids bedroom and bathroom

The voluminous living room perhaps best exemplifies the sensibility of the revitalized interiors. He filled the room with boldly furnishings, that balance grandeur and intimacy. Sofas invitingly upholstered in brown mohair velvet, covered in blue silk velvet, and a cowhide carpet with an arabesque pattern. And just beyond those French doors is a spacious new terrace offering glorious views.

Ellen’s home is therefore a real home where to enjoy the persons that we love. Elegance, simplicity and beauty. Do you like this home? What do you prefer about it? We are curious to discover your opinion.

By for now and see you at the next celebrity’s home!