Dumbo House Rooftop

Dumbo House in New York

Today we are in New York. In the Dumbo House, exactly. Members’ club Soho House has extended and updated the its outdoor areas. What is the mood? Brooklyn, obviousley, with its vibrant colours that surely take cues from the work of Luis Barragán.

Soho House’s US architectural director Jess Nahon and senior interior designer Staver Kaufman oversaw the design of the new 3,294-square-foot (306-square-metre) outdoor space at Dumbo House. It therefore opened in the Brooklyn neighbourhood last year. So, let’s take a look!

Mexican Mood!

Dumbo House rooftop_mexican touches

Among the updated features of the rooftop is a pop-up taco bar, Siete. It wants to draw on the bright colours of Mexico’s tropical, coastal state of Yucatán, as well as the retro, 1960s and 70s style of the existing House. These elements surely relate to the interior design of Dumbo House’s inside areas, which Candace Campos created in-house.

“We wanted to give the space a Mexican feel but also honour the strong colour story and homage to the artistic community that lives throughout the rest of the house” – Campos told.

Dumbo House rooftop_pool

So the works of late Mexican architect Luis Barragán, who is known for his bold colourful houses, gives color to the entire area. As a result there are mustard and pale green for the teals, as well as the pink concrete roof that tops the outdoor bar.

“Luis Barragan, the Mexican architect, was a huge inspiration.” -Kaufman said.- “He worked a lot with colour-blocked concrete in his architecture which helped inform our colour story in Siete.”

An all-day rooftop!

The amazing Dumbo House Rooftop is an environment that is perfect for every day moment. It can be therefore visited during the morning or in the evening. One thing is sure: you will adore it!

Dumbo House rooftop_day

Additional details include wicker seats and tables with bright upholstery, fringed umbrellas and plantings. Siete is on the rooftop of Dumbo House, and is adjacent to the outdoor swimming pool that surely overlooks Brooklyn Bridge. The outdoor patio below it, on Soho House’s main level, was also revamped as part of the project. Finally this outdoor area features pops of red, blue and cream. Textiles covering the seats comprise a mix of contrasting floral and striped patterns.

Dumbo House rooftop_night

A jump in the 60s/70s

Dumbo House opened in May 2018 on the sixth and seventh floors of a brick factory building facing the waterfront. The Brooklyn outpost features almost an equal amount of indoor and outdoor areas, and surely impressive views of Lower Manhattan.

The lower level is therefore designed as an open-plan space. It accommodates a lounge, library, bar and restaurant across its 11,773 square feet (1094 square metres). Retro touches such records, plush inset rugs, books and pops of colour are prominent throughout.

“The feel of the house is a return to the 1960s and 70s eras, when Dumbo was a centre for the New York creative community.” – Kaufman therefore said.

So what do you think of this amazing space? Do you like the Dumbo House rooftop? Let us know! See you at the next stop!

City: New York; Client: Dumbo House
Architects: Jess Nahon/Luis Barragán ; Design team: Staver Kaufman; Photo Credits: Nico Schinco
Sitography: http://dumbohouse.com/