When food creates spaces: Dhole Restaurant in Milan

Our colum “ When food creates spaces” takes us today to the Dhole Restaurant in Milan. An unmissable address for lovers of experimental cuisine and mixology.
The Dhole is a wild animal similar to a wolf, originating from Asia.

With this name the owners wanted to call their restaurant, a place that is a refuge in nature, with a contemporary and exotic touch.

Now let’s see together how the food and the design of this restaurant can meet and create a space with a strong identity, rich in meaning, harmonious and welcoming.

Dhole’s cookery


A journey through food, innovation and mixology. An experimental cuisine that makes the difference.

The Dhole restaurant menu mixes different cultures, blending flavors, aromas and culinary traditions. Chef Giulio Rossotti was inspired more than anything in Asia, using special ingredients, Chinese spices,

Thai and Vietnamese products and much more in his dishes. All this is accompanied by fantastic exotic cocktails inspired by Asian countries.

“A place when you can taste a mix of cultures and flavors with a contemporary touch.”

The Restaurant design


Wood is the true protagonist of the design of this restaurant. We find it in floors, wall coverings, furnishings and ceilings. These in fact are coffered in fine dark wood.

Even the majestic and scenographic counter is covered in wood and is outlined by suspension lamps with spherical body and antique pink bar stools.
We also find this color in the “living room” corner with the small armchairs and small tables with alabaster tops and golden metal frame.


The atmosphere is elegant but not too formal, with vintage 70’s references. Calls for socialization and sharing. The  two main rooms are harmonious and welcoming, thanks also to the soft lighting of the floor and wall lamps (aplique)

Another important element of restaurant design is definitely the vegetation. The wall at the bottom of the room is a vertical garden, completely covered with plants. But the botanical theme is also found in the walls of the consumation room, through the wallpaper with drawings of leaves and tropical plants.


The Dhole manages to make you feel at the same time free, among the wild nature, and safe thanks to the warmth and refinement of the design, which welcomes you and makes you feel protected.

A place to be discovered. And you? What do you think about Dhole?

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Lucrezia Cirasa