Dezeen Awards 2019

Time has come to proclaim the winners of the Dezeen Awards 2019, an award that sees two distinct categories, Architecture and Interior Design. So today we will see together which are the first 5 categories and their respective winners.

Projects able to leave you speechless, not only for their strong aesthetic impact, but also and above all for the concept that moves them. Let’s find out the first 5 categories together.

1)House Interior

Dezeen Awards 2019_house interiors

Among the winners of the Dezeen Awards 2019, for the House Interior category, we find the 2LG STUDIO studio, with a house, located in London.

“This victorian detached house in south-east London, is our live/work space and ongoing passion project. The challenge is to sensitively renovate the home and create bespoke spaces that allow us to express ourselves and showcase our design perspective. “-2LG STUDIO says.

Each element has been inspired by found objects and prints from within the house as well as from design travels. Its previous owners clearly had a passion for interiors as it had pink walls throughout, and deep green carpets. The studio wanted, therefore, to keep this mark and play everything on polychromy, which characterizes every single room.

  • Dezeen Awards 2019_house interiors1
  • Dezeen Awards 2019_house interiors2

2)Apartment interior

Dezeen Awards 2019_apartment interiors

Among the winners of the Dezeen Awards 2019, for the Apartment interior category, we find the 0932 Design Consultants studio, with the Corals project, located in Singapore.

“We believe in working heartily; being concerned with having an intimate acquaintance with building materials, in working them into our architecture.”– the Studio says.

Corals, a tranquil sanctuary that inspires quality living by the bay. Situated at the southern part of Singapore, directly opposite the historic Trump-Kim summit venue, the Corals at Keppel Bay, lies our simple space. A literal inspiration, therefore, from a sail that gently docked by the berth after a long sail. A simple space that endeavours to transcend beyond visual aesthetic to inspire quality living.

  • Dezeen Awards 2019_apartment interiors1
  • Dezeen Awards 2019_apartment interiors2
  • Dezeen Awards 2019_apartment interiors3

3)Restaurant and bar interior

Dezeen Awards 2019_restaurant and bar interiors

Among the winners of the Dezeen Awards 2019, for the Restaurant and bar interior category, we find the Appareil Architecture studio, with the Pastel Rita project, located in Monreal.

Montreal studio Appareil Architecture has differentiated spaces inside a cafe and artist workshop in the city by colour-blocking them green, pink and gold. Inside, Pastel Rita is decorated with several colours – each demarcating a different area. Pale linoleum flooring and ample windows help surely to tie the various areas together. A gold corridor runs through the centre, separated from the dark green cafe area by a slatted screen with arched openings.

  • Dezeen Awards 2019_restaurant and bar interiors1
  • Dezeen Awards 2019_restaurant and bar interiors2

4)Hotel and short stay interior

Dezeen Awards 2019_hotel and short stay interiors

Among the winners of the Dezeen Awards 2019, for the Hotel and short stay interior category, we find the 93ft studio, with The Pilgrm project, located in London.

“ Working over all disciplines, we have tipped hotel design sideways to explore every miniscule aspect of the journey of design. As well as the interior architecture of the 73 bedroom hotel and public spaces, we have masterminded over 1000 pieces of unique furniture, that have been designed and made by ’93 Makes’. To complete the circle, we have also created the brand and the website. “– the studio says.

Each step of the hotel, therefore, reveals bespoke pieces including lighting, high end reclamation of timbers and materials, custom upholstery and textiles through to steel and brass formed in 93’s home town of Sheffield.

  • Dezeen Awards 2019_hotel and short stay interiors1
  • Dezeen Awards 2019_hotel and short stay interiors2

5)Large workspace interior

Dezeen Awards 2019_large workspace interiors

Among the winners of the Dezeen Awards 2019, for the Large workspace interior category, we find the AOE studio, with the Courtyard No 1 project in China.

“The purpose of this project is to reconsider the special function of the sales office building, in hopes of making it more sustainable through design, by becoming a symbolic public building for the future community and city. “– the Studio says.

The architectural concept is surely based on the artistic supremacism that reflected the social and technological changes of the 1920s, with the intention of expressing the mutual influence and interdependence between physical and virtual space in the digital age.

So what of these projects was your favourite? Tell us in comments. By for now. See you at our nex appointment to discover the other 5 categories!