Details for your Interiors!

Details for your Summer Interiors

DetailsBright colorsMirrors, Wickers and Lanterns. Summer is almost here and we are about to welcome the most awaited season of the year. Sea, sun, light-heartedness, relaxation. Summer is certainly a condition of our soul, more than just a time of year. The desire to live with greater lightness and to find, as a result, the right balance in a right mix between commitment and leisure.

What are, therefore, the trends for this Summer 2019? What are the right decor ideas for our Interiors? How can we give a new look to our interiors, with small, simple, but effective changes? We have selected for you 10 Summer Decor Ideas, which will not only give new life to your spaces, but will also be able to change your mood. So, this is the third appointment of our column dedicated to Summer Interior Decor.

Being able to transform ourselves and to fully experience the changes in our lives means just that. The ability to smile and welcome every news. Summer as a symbol of positivity. A positivity that must invade our environments through colors, shapesnew ways of living space. Because you can always renew and change the skin of your home, without necessarily having to spend too much. So let’s see together the next 3 Summer Decor Ideas for your Interiors.  The last three were about soft furnishing. This time it’s all about Soft Furnishing!

7.Bright Colors

Details_bright colors

A positive change, a charge of energy and the will to live with joy and involvement also pass by the choice of a piece of furniture that reflects your character and liveliness. Above all in hot colors are the warm colors, live to give sparkle to our environments. The details in this case make the difference.

Bright and lively tones are the perfect solution to renew the interior and, at the same time, benefit from the cheerfulness given by a new strong and engaging decor.



Mirror is a material that helps give space and light to our environment. Moreover, it also provides lightness and dynamism to the environment, two characteristics that go hand in hand with summer. A detail, useful not only to embellish our environments, but to give them new light.

Mirrors, in fact, are versatile materials that we can use in abundance as a finishing touch to the whole. In fact, they become the chosen material especially when you want to give more light and brightness to a slightly dark environment.



Wicker is an evergreen in the field of furniture. Perfect for interiors as well as for the outdoors. The so-called wicker design adapts to any space and to any type of furniture. From the shabby chic style to the industrial style, all the way to the essentiality of a minimal matrix.

A woven wicker basket will always be the “icing on the cake” of your home sweet home. An inevitable detail for your summer environments. A home with vintage and super cozy tones.



Lanterns will give each room a romantic and suggestive atmosphere. It will be really easy to find ways to use them to furnish your home, certainly according to your tastes and style. Placed on the dresser and bedside tables of the bedroom, next to the living room sofa and on the kitchen shelves, the atmosphere will be immediately seductive and charming.

Lanterns will also be perfect for decorating the garden or setting up a chic party on the terrace or outdoors. A detail able to give a summer touch to your rooms, with a minimal effort.

What will be the next Summer Decor Ideas? Do you love details? Bye for now!